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My Trip to Tree Hill

Last summer I had the amazing opportunity to visit Wilmington, North Carolina. For those of you who don’t know, that is the location where “One Tree Hill” was filmed. I had a jaw-dropping visit and loved every minute of it. From the iconic bridge, to the sidewalk where Haley and Nathan had their first kiss, to where Peyton expressed her many emotions through bedroom design, to where Lucas and Nathan battled for a spot on the team, to the porch where Karen and Lucas had their iconic deep discussions, even to where Brooke lived and hid the dork inside.

The bridge was very hard to locate, but very worth the search. It was so cool to see where Lucas runs across each time the iconic title plays during an episode of “One Tree Hill.” The bridge was covered in quotes from the show, as well as messages to the cast and show. I could only imagine living there and being able to drive (or in my case, run) across that bridge, knowing its significance.


Brooke’s house was quite honestly my favorite site to see, mostly because she is in fact my absolute favorite character throughout the entire show. It was the first stop on our visit to “Tree Hill” and it was so amazing to get to stand on the same sidewalk where Sophia Bush once stood while filming. The owners of the house kept the house in the same condition and even had a table set out with beverages for tourists visiting the show sites.


Peyton’s house was really cool to see, not going to lie. As a fellow artist, I very much admired her artistic abilities. I loved seeing her bedroom each time it changed. To be honest, I was utterly jealous of her freedom to paint her room whenever and whatever she wanted. Seeing her house made me want to go into the bedroom so badly. Too bad that bedroom only exists on a filming stage in California.


Haley’s house is not shown that many times in the show. I believe her bedroom is shown more than the house itself. It was still very cool to see where Naley began. I loved getting to stand where they shared their first kiss. Also, fun fact, Haley’s house is literally next door to Peyton’s. Interesting…. *rests pointer finger to chin with a sneer in the eyes*

Lucas’s house was obviously a big stop to make while visiting Wilmington. To see the porch where so many deep discussions took place, and to see where Lucas lived for his entire childhood and a good bit of his adult life was very cool. If only Karen were there to give me some advice on life. Sadly, the porch swing was no longer there.


The river court was a complete accidental find. We were actually leaving Wilmington and stopped off to look around this big ship they had open for viewing. We parked and I looked at the field in front of me only to realize that it was in fact the river court. The actual court was gone, but a pavilion had been built with picnic tables inside for viewing of the river, and yes I could see the picnic tables across the river, upon which, Nathan and Haley sat to exchange math tutoring and Cracker Jack prizes. Every inch of the pavilion, including the picnic tables was covered in quotes and messages. I even left a message of my own (“B. Davis is my spirit animal”).

I would visit Wilmington, NC all over again and I definitely recommend it to any fan of the show.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Thanks for reading!

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