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10 Things To Do When You’re Bored

Boredom is, sadly, something that comes easy to all of us. I don’t know about you, but I absolutely hate when I am bored; however, when it happens, I have a few things I can do to get out of the funk. I have provided those things below and I hope that you find this post helpful for the next aggravating moment you get bored.

1. Exercise

Exercise is an activity that can be done pretty much everywhere, so it is quite useful when you get bored somewhere in public. When I get bored at my house, a lot of times I tone my arms with some weights I keep in my room. I’ll usually put on a YouTube video to follow as I do it, or I’ll do my own thing. I also like to do some squats when I am bored. I usually just do about as many as I can handle, but always at least 25. Toning your core with some sit ups or crunches is also another easy form of exercise that you can do on any floor. This activity is a good way to get yourself up and moving, and it also keeps you from boredom snacking.

2. Read

img_3734I, personally, read more than anything when I am bored. It is a good way to pass the time, and it gives you something entertaining to do. This is, of course, an activity for my fellow book nerds out there. If you don’t like to read books, this activity may not be for you. Some book recommendations I have for you the next time you are bored and need a good book series to read are The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare , Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard, Dustlands by Moira Young, Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, and Harry Potter by JK Rowling. These are my favorite series and I definitely recommend them to anyone needing a new obsession. These books are perfect for boredom relief; once you pick one of them up, you will never be able to put them down.

3. Organize

I also like to organize when I am bored. This is not only a good pass time, but also a good way to clean up your mind. Messy area, messy thoughts and focus. I usually organize my desk, bedroom, and school work. Through the week my desk can get pretty messy from school work, make up, and just because I generally just throw stuff on my desk when I don’t want to put it away. My bedroom stays pretty organized. The only thing that ever really needs organized is my jewelry from the week and my dog’s toys.

I also like to organize my school work on the weekends because I keep one folder for all of my handouts and worksheets, so everything gets put in one place and gets mixed up. I like to take the time to take all of my papers out and re-organize them by class. This also helps with not forgetting about an upcoming assignment that is in the back of all of the papers. Nobody wants a late grade. Organizing is a suction activity for me. Once I get started, I end up organizing pretty much everything in my house.

4. Tidy Up

Cleaning is another suction activity for me. Once I start cleaning, I get sucked in and clean one thing after another. Some ideas for tidying up can include laundry, making your bed, wiping down counters (including your bathroom sink), and dusting (windows and shelves). This is another activity that can help with cleaning up your thoughts. It gives you a clean space and a decluttered mind.

5. Doodle

img_4188Doodling is a good way to brain dump. If you aren’t a written expresser you can  get your thoughts out in doodles. If you are having a stressful week at work, at school, or with any personal matter, draw how you feel. Express it, get it out of your head. It will make you feel tons better. You can also use doodling to just purely pass time. Lately I have been doodling a lot of bullet journal ideas for my 2019 bullet journal. This includes month titles, header ideas, and even little picture drawings of flowers, plants, and paper airplanes. I like to doodle when I am bored, mostly to brain dump. My doodling is to get my bullet journal ideas down on paper, so I won’t forget it and also to get my mind clear.

6. YouTube

YouTube is a great way to get out of the boredom blues. Whether it be makeup tutorials, organization and DIY, or book reviews, I can sit on YouTube for hours upon hours. For those who like to waste time watching makeup tutorials, I recommend Jamie Genevieve, a YouTuber from Scotland. For those who like videos about organization, life hacks, and DIY, I recommend Rachel Lee. For my fellow book nerds who like to watch videos about book reviews and recommendations, I recommend another book nerd, Sasha Aalsberg. These three YouTubers are the main ones I watch. Whenever I am bored, I like to put on one of their videos, which usually leads to me bingeing their channel.

7. Binge Watch

Starting a new show is definitely a great way to relieve boredom. I like to binge through Netflix, or have a re-watch binge with my TV show DVDs. Some shows that I like to re-watch are Glee, The Office, Teen Wolf, and Grey’s Anatomy. I definitely recommend bingeing these shows. They are absolutely amazing and will suck you in. I had Glee finished in three weeks.

8. Movie

Watch a movie! I love re-watching movies like Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Spirited Away and Perks of Being A Wallflower. These movies always help me out when I am bored. They are great films that I definitely recommend, bored or not. This is another activity that is great for passing time and gives you a couple hours to relax as well. I sometimes put away laundry or change the sheets on my bed while watching a movie, only if it is one I have seen before and won’t be missing out on anything.

9. Hang Out With A Friend

Hanging out with a friend is another good way to relieve boredom by riding around, shopping, seeing a movie, going out to eat, or going to the soccer fields. Goofing off at the fields is personal preference of a boredom free afternoon. My best friend and I like to go shopping, out to eat, and to see a movie all the time. Its a great way to spend the day, and you are guaranteed to have some fun.

10. Write

img_0268Write it out! Blogging, brain dumping, or even writing down some short stories is a good way to pass the time and get your mind preoccupied. I keep a journal to brain dump in at the end of every day, and I obviously like to blog in my free time. These are ways that I give myself something to do so I don’t get bored. They are not only good boredom activities, but they also help you to get all of your thoughts and ideas out of your head, so you can focus on other tasks.

Nobody likes to get bored. These are the ten activities that I like to do to take care of boredom. They are super easy to do and some of them are even a little entertaining. Most of them can be done from pretty much anywhere, which is super helpful. I hope that you find these useful for the next time you get bored and need something to get occupied with.

Leave a comment below if you have any tasks of your own that you like to do when you’re bored, or if you have any comments on my tasks.

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  1. I find myself becoming bored frequently an not knowing on how to rid it, I found this really helpful and the example. You are an amazing blogger and I love the content you post.

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