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10 Essentials For A College Student

img_0110As a college student in my junior year, I have many items that are essential to my day to day life. In this week’s post, I will list everything that I believe a college student needs. I believe these items to be life or death, especially in this modern world. Whether you are a college student reading this, or a student entering college years, you will find this both helpful and life-saving. I hope this post helps guide you to become the best college student you can be.

1. Caffeine

Whether it’s early morning classes or a late study night, caffeine is a must for the busy college student. Coffee tends to be my go to, but a cup of hot English Breakfast Tea can also come in handy. Whether you are a morning soda, coffee, or tea drinker, you will need some sort of caffeine to get you through. Trust me. Sometimes the only reason I make it to my 8AM classes is due to my morning coffee or tea.

2. Access To Internet

Every college student these days needs access to the internet in some way. Whether it be through an at home wifi or the wifi provided by your school, you will need some way of being able to access online homework, quizzes, tests, and general information for your classes and school progress. I have no idea where I would be without my laptop. It is honestly the only way I survive my classes.

3. Earbuds

img_3890This topic is of pure preference. For those of you who study and read better with music, then this will be a must for you. I never leave home without my earbuds. Whenever you have any sort of class break and a little time to study, find a quiet place and pop those earbuds in for some studying downtime. My Monday, Wednesday, Friday classes have a three-hour break in between them. This gives me time to eat lunch and find a quiet corner in the library. My studying/reading playlist includes songs from Halsey, Bishop Briggs, Marian Hill, and the New Moon soundtrack. These songs have a quieter tone to them and give a smooth mood to study with.

4. Transportation

If you have classes on campus, transportation is obviously a must. There are not any school buses to come and pick you up anymore, so whether it is your own car, your mother dropping you off, or carpooling with a fellow classmate, find a way to get to your classes. Classes may not seem like they are worth showing up for, but some teachers take attendance grades, so you don’t want to just barely pass all because you skipped too many times.

5. A Planner

For me, this is a must! I feel like I can not function without a planner in my life. This school tool will change your college career. Write down every date. Whether it be homework, tests, quizzes, advisor meetings, or even campus events, this will keep you on track. This will also help you to get a head start on studying and homework so you can have relaxation time. That is always nice!

6. School Supplies

School supplies necessary for a college student includes at least one notebook for homework and notes, highlighters for important notes, pens and pencils, and a backpack for all of your stuff to go into. I, personally, also recommend a lunchbox. You have no idea how much money it will save you to take your own lunch.

7. A Journal

This is another preference essential. If you like to write, like me, a journal is great for writing down your thoughts. This is especially with relieving the college stress. I also find this helpful for writing different blog post ideas, book ideas, and different ideas that pop into my head. This is a great tool for brain dumping!

8. Steady Income

This is very important for any college income. Not having a job while in college is not a good idea. Expenses will pop up such as broken technology, car problems, textbook expenses, and food. The school store won’t be very friendly either. A steady income will allow you to focus on school and not worry about how you are going to be able to afford to get your laptop fixed. This essential is a true essential.

9. A Study Routine

img_4172This essential is key to being a successful college student. Using apps like Quizlet will help out so much with your test prep. Developing a steady study routine will keep you confident about the material and keep you from scrambling last minute. My study routine includes an upload of my notes to Quizlet and a read through of the current textbook chapters. I also find it helpful to find videos about the subject at hand. When I had Biology last semester I found it helpful to watch Bill Nye episodes of the topic being tested upon on Netflix.

10. Relaxation Time

This is probably the most important piece of advice I have for a college student. Finding time to yourself is so important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Stress is not at all good on your body, so make sure you leave time to lounge around and do nothing. I typically schedule certain days off of work for school and an extra day for downtime. My downtime includes hot tea and a good book or writing. Or a nap. It depends on how the week has gone. There is as much emotional stress as there is physical stress on a college student. There is constantly something to be done and something to worry about, so it is important to remember to give ourselves and our bodies a break from the weight of college.

I hope that you find this post helpful as you try to navigate college life. Being a college student is tough, but if I can make it through, so can you. Leave a comment below if you have anything to add or say about the essentials listed above. Also be sure to follow this blog for more posts like this one and like this post.

Thanks for reading!

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