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5 Tips To Prepare You For The New Year

It isn’t easy to prepare for a new year filled with potential successes as well as failures, heartbreak as well as full hearts, and goals reached as well as goals left undone. I have a few simple tips for preparing for the new year. These are tips you can start getting in your mindset and can carry over into the new year. Enjoy!

1. Stay Positive. 

img_3737Staying positive is an important mindset to be in at all times. Being negative helps no one. If you stay positive, you will be generally happier and will have far better days. One way that you can maintain positivity is by taking the time at the end of each day to state three things you enjoyed about your current day. This can be done by keeping it in your notes in your phone, by texting a friend, or by writing it down in a journal. Positivity will keep you sane for the coming year.

2. Plan It Out. 

Planning it out will help you to be generally less stressed. Get a bullet journal or a planner and plan out each day the night before or the morning of. This will keep your mind organized and will help you stay on top of things. Part of this habit can involve getting up earlier than you need to in order to relax with a coffee or a hot tea and plan out your day. This will help you to relax before your day begins. Planning it out will help you to become more stable and successful in the coming year.

3. Write It Out. 

This step can be one of the most important steps you can follow in the new year. Write out everything you are feeling. Include your positive thoughts on the current day and also any problems or mental struggles you may be dealing with. This will help with the positivity as well as clearing your mind before bed. This step will also help you to destress at the end of each day, leaving you with a clear head for the next day. Writing it all out will keep you generally steadier for the new year.

4. Try New Things. 

Trying new things will expand your capabilities and will help you to become more well rounded. This step can also help you to make the most of the new year and will definitely help you to learn more about yourself. Whether it be new foods, new places to see, new people to talk to, or new hobbies, trying new things is a great addition to your plans to prepare for the new year.

5. Set Small Goals To Prepare For Big Goals. 

img_3989This step will prove to be the most helpful tip I have discussed. Set your ultimate goals for the new year and then set smaller goals to help you achieve them. This will keep you from becoming overwhelmed along with helping you feel accomplished by completing each small goal. It will also lead to ultimate satisfaction by achieving the final big goal. Some goals to set may be to eat healthier, to read more, or maybe even to exercise more. Some small goals to accomplish could be to set daily/weekly calorie counts, create a list of the books you would like to read, or to set small weight checklists (by this I mean create a countdown from where you are now to where you want to be). This step will help you to become more confident and positive for and during the coming year.

So those are my five tips on how to prepare for the new year. I hope that you enjoyed reading this post and I hope that it helps you to better your mindset for the new year. If you have any tips of your own that you would like to share or if you have any further questions on my tips, feel free to leave a comment down below. Also be sure to follow this blog for more posts like this. I post Teen Wolf discussions and Harry Potter discussions every Monday, weekly posts of books, media, lifestyle, or travel on Thursdays, and Riverdale Recaps on Fridays. See you next time!

Thanks for reading!

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