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My Trip To NYC

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This trip was absolutely amazing g and I really enjoyed it! It is the reason for my lack of post last week. I decided to use the time to enjoy my time in the big apple. I did, however, decide to write this post to give advice to people also wanting to visit NYC or just wanting to see what all I did.

Day one was not too full of a day. Our flight landed at 10:00 am and we were at the hotel by 10:30 (For those interested we flew with Delta into Linguardia and stayed at Embassy Suites near Times Square). After we freshened up, we hit the pavement and went to discover Times Square. We went to H&M, the red steps, Sephora, Macy’s, and I got to see the marquis for The Cursed Child. We also went to Joe’s Pizza for lunch. Here we saw plenty of pictures on the wall of celebrities in the small pizzeria. For the rest of the day, we wandered around and eventually ended with supper at Shake Shack. I absolutely LOVE this place.


Day two started out with breakfast at the hotel and showing my parents how to navigate the subway system. We decided to start out at the American Museum of Natural History but ended up perusing Central Park while we waited for the museum to open. While there we found Bow Bridge, which was definitely a stop on my list, as a major Glee fan. After that, we finally went to the museum. For lunch, we tried a restaurant named  KATZ. It was absolutely chaotic and very stressful. The high want for a table was insane. When we left the chaos, we traveled several miles back towards our hotel on foot to the World Trade Center. I am a huge avoider of heights, so this was definitely not a highlight of the trip. We went up to 102 stories. When we came back down we visited the 9/11 memorial and ventured into the nearby Westfield Mall which was huge. We ended the night with some more Shake Shack.


With all of the walking from day two, we decided to take it easier with day three, so we started out with a later breakfast at the hotel and then ventured to SOHO for some shopping. We hit the Nike store as well as TopShop. After a brief lunch at TGI Fridays, we traveled to Wall Street and then on to the lookout at the Statue of Liberty ferry loading port. After taking a walking break at the dock, we journeyed to the Highline and ate at the nearby Wagamama.

Day four was a very chill day, but definitely not any less exciting. The day began with a trip to Tiffany’s which accompanied the purchase of earrings. We then discovered the Rockefeller Center and Trump Tower before heading back to the hotel to get ready for my favorite part of the trip, Harry Potter and The Cursed Child. This show was absolutely the most amazing experience of my whole life. The on-stage special effects were unreal as were the actors and the entire performance. We ended the night with another stop at Shake Shack.

Day five began the wind down of the trip with only a few destinations in the city. We explored a new mall by the harbor and decided to spend the rest of the rainy day in the Met. We ended the day by taking a visit to the M&Ms store to pick up a souvenir for my aunt. Day six was our final day and didn’t involve much activity at all. We ate breakfast, packed up, and boarded the flight to come home.

This was a great trip and I definitely would love to go back. There were some real highlights on this new adventure. The play was a huge one for sure. I also really enjoyed Shake Shack. It is one of my top five favorite restaurants. I also go to see various Glee filing spots whilst in NYC, such as the Times Square steps where they sang I Love New York, Washington Square Park and the fountain in it, and the Bow Bridge where Finn and Rachel met up.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s post. Be sure to follow my blog and like this post. Also, be sure to leave a comment down below to let me know your thoughts and if you have any questions about the trip.

Thanks for reading!

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