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My Nighttime Skin Care Routine

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img_3961This week I am letting you guys in on my nighttime beauty skin care routine and tips. I think skincare is one of the most important routines one can have and it should definitely be held on the daily. I know what some of you are probably thinking, most routines out there have you using moisturizers, toners, serums, cleansers, rollers, oils, mists, and creams galore. My routine is a simple one and is definitely perfect for the busy one. I don’t always have the time or effort to go through a big routine, so instead, I maintain a simple one with few but very effective products.  Let’s get started.

{Keep in mind that I have dry skin, so the products  I use are very hydrating. If you have oily skin, you will want to find alternate products for some of the ones I mention. Have questions? Let me know below.}


For step one, I start out by cleaning my face, makeup or not. It is very important to use a facial cleanser or even a face cleaning wipe, such as Neutrogena makeup removing wipes. This is an important step because even without makeup, your face has particles of sweat and dirt clogging up those pores, and nobody wants that unless you want to surprise visitors (pimples).

For this step, I use the Neutrogena wipes if I am simply cleaning my face for the night. If I am taking a shower that night (versus that morning), then I use Murad resurgence renewing cleansing cream. 


Step two is another easy one,  and that is a moisturizer. For this, you will want a thicker moisturizer that is closer to a moisturizing cream. The moisture will last longer overnight, will hydrate your skin, and will leave it smooth and glowing.

I like to use Nivea Crème for this step. 


Step three is eye cream. This may not seem like an overly important one, but believe me,  it helps. It will help reduce dark circles and bags under the eyes; keeping you looking more human and less zombie.

I use ELF Illuminating Eye Cream for this step.


As the label states, this step is indeed optional. If you have dry skin to the degree of dehydrated and reddening skin, then you will want to read this one as well. Step four is facial oil. This will help with extra hydration and moisturizing of your skin.

I like to use Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate Oil. 

img_3340I take my skin care very seriously and my skin has definitely thanked me for it. I can honestly not recall a time I ever had a bad flare-up of acne. I have however recently discovered some of the products mentioned above that have been terribly missing from my life. I always suffered from naturally red cheeks. This has always been something that I have been embarrassed about and I could never leave the house without some sort of makeup product on my face to cover the red. After using the cleansing cream and the Nivea Crème (and by drinking loads of water each day), my redness has cleared up tenfold and I finally feel comfortable with the natural look.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s post on my nightly skincare routine. As you can see, three (maybe four) easy steps and you are done.  As stated earlier, if you have oily or combination skin, then some of these products might not be right for you. If you have any questions about which products to swap out, let me know in the comments and I would be more than happy to assist. Also, be sure to like the post and follow my blog for more posts like this one. I post every Thursday on Books, Media, Travel, or Lifestyle.

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