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Preparing For My Senior Year of College

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As I write this post, I am in my first week of school. I As an accounting major, I have all accounting classes. That includes Managerial Accounting, Auditing, and Tax Accounting. This, along with Principles of Marketing and Entrepreneurship, can seem like a lot, but the classes aren’t actually as bad as they sound. For someone such as an English or Science major, they might not seem that easy, but when you have spent three years coining the terms, it all comes pretty easy. With all of that said, I am trying to help make this semester and the next as easy as possible, and I have a few tips on how you can do the same.

Enjoying The Moment

With this being my last year at this University, I am taking in every minute of it. This includes attending seminars I want to see, sports games, and even some fun events such as the upcoming trivia night for The Office (READY TO WIN). I am also using this semester to hang out with a couple of friends that will be graduating this semester. Bowling nights, eating out, and shopping will be made the most of. Enjoying senior year of college can be very hard what wit all of the stress of the impending future, but that’s only more the reason to enjoy the last moments of regression from adult life and responsibilities.

Getting In The Mindset

This tip is pretty clear and concise. The mindset to be in is the focused and easy going one. Be focused on school and getting everything done, but don’t take it all too seriously. Set aside time to study and get homework done, but be sure to also give back time to yourself to treat yourself with whatever hobby or free time activity you like to partake in. You can even use this time to go out with friends or family and have some fun. Like I said earlier, you still have time to be a kid.

Color Coding My Planner

This is one of my own personal tips for my senior year. I have each activity labeled in my planner with a specific color. Red is homework, purple is tests and quizzes, green is for when I have to tutor my cousin in Algebra II, dark blue is for working on my blog, black is for my reading schedule, and light blue is for chores and appointments/events. This all just keeps me organized and helps to kind of see what needs to be done first when looking at what I have written down for that day.

Saving Up

This tip is the most important in my book, especially when you have a full savings goals page in you bullet journal. I have about five different things I am saving up for this year and about three of them are for over $500. I am saving for an online class this December, my Jonas Brothers concert in three weeks (souvenirs and food), my Disney trip this October (food, souvenirs, and the Halloween party), my future apartment rent, and for gift shopping this Christmas. The sheer amount of what I still need to save in time for these events is enough to stress me out completely, but keeping these bar graphs in my bullet journal keeps me stitched together.

If it is also your senior year of college, then feel free to let me know below what you are doing to be prepared. Also know that I feel your pain and feel free to vent in the comments as well.

Thanks for reading!

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