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What’s In My Backpack

Hello and welcome to this week’s blog post! If you are a new reader, then welcome and be sure to take a look at my page. If you are a returning reader, then welcome back! College is a struggle each and every day, and I have to make sure that I have everything I need for my classes and free time. In this post, I will be providing you with tips for what to carry in your backpack.


So to get started, my essentials always include my planner, iPad, and laptop. I use my planner on the daily to mark assignments, household chores, or any other tasks that need completed. Taking my planner also means taking my pencil pouch with all of my pens in it. My pen colors each represent a different task. Purple is for tests, red is for school work, dark blue is for blog stuff, green is for my tutoring schedule, black is for reading (both recreational and educational), and light blue is for any day to day tasks such as laundry or working out. These colors all may seem very hectic, but it actually keeps me super organized. It helps me to see what can be delegated to get done first. For instance, if a day has blues, red, and black, then I will do the red activities first because my school work always comes first.

Bringing my iPad includes bringing the charger, so I am covered in case I am on it all day working on school stuff. This also includes bringing my phone charger because let’s face it, no college kid doesn’t run their phone dead while in classes all day. Bringing my laptop wouldn’t be necessary except that one of my classes uses a website that isn’t compatible with my iPad and it is the same site we use for homework and to take tests.

img_3749For the less important stuff, I always have a water bottle with me to stay hydrated and a granola bar for my lunchtime snack. I don’t get a lunch break, so this keeps me from actually keeling over due to starvation. I also like to keep a pack of gum with me and my makeup bag, which typically just holds some chapstick and sometimes some powder. I also obviously keep my keys and wallet in my bag as well for obvious reasons.

Some out of the ordinary tings I keep with me is a little bag of big gold paper clips and another bag of the the paper clamps. This is for those potential “emergency” situations. Hey, you never know! I typically keep a paper clip on my planner pages so I can easily get to the current week. Just another organization tweak. That is pretty much it for everything that I keep in my backpack. I don’t like to carry a ton of things. All my books for this semester are online, making my load extremely light.

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s post. If you have any further questions or thoughts please be sure to leave them below. Make sure to click that like button and follow my blog. Other than that, I will see you next week!

Thanks for reading!

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