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Saving Money

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I will be the first to say that I am in no way amazing at saving money. I do, however, have a few tips and tricks to help save money. With these tools, I can save more money than I would without them. Saving money is a big deal for me, especially now. I am a senior in college, about to head off to Disney World for a week, and am about a year away from looking for a place of my own. With all of this in mind, I have been looking more seriously at saving my money and getting ready for these events. The following tips are definitely helping me get there.

Create A Budget

Creating a budget can be a daunting activity, but it is easier than it sounds. For those who need help making your budget, feel free to click here to read my post on creating one. By sticking with your budget you can save more money by not straying. It can also help you to see where you might need to cut back on expenses not needed, such as eating out.

PiggyBank App

I have spoken to this app in my budget post, but I will speak to it again. I love this app! It is fantastic for those like me who have specific things you are saving for. It can help you to see how much you need for every item/event and will help you to see how much you still owe. I use this app to save for trips, shopping sites, events, and holiday payouts.

Pack A Lunch

This is a very simple task, but it will save you TONS in the long run. You will spend less on groceries for more food. For instance, you can go to Zaxbys and get a Zalad for nearly $10, or you can buy the stuff yourself for maybe $15-$20 and get a week’s worth of Zalads out of it. This can help you to cut back on your eating out expenses and it will definitely help if you are trying to diet. By putting effort into your packed meal, you are less likely to waste that meal in order to eat something much less healthy.

Savings Account

This topic can become hand in hand with the PiggyBank app that I wrote about. Putting money into your savings will make it seem unavailable to you when looking solely at your bank account. You can also develop interest, which will help in the long run. For me, once I put money in my savings, I don’t touch it until I  am purchasing the thing I have been saving for. If I don’t have the money in my account, I tell myself that I simply don’t have it. I do my absolute best to tell myself that that savings account isn’t there.

The Importance of Cash

For this topic,  I am speaking about getting cash out and keeping coin change. I am a firm believer in getting cash out for the amount  I plan to allow myself that week. This will keep me from spending more than I need to by not having any cash left once it’s spent. I also keep a coin bank for all of the coin change I get back. This adds up much quicker than you think. I  have also recently begun putting any $1 bills leftover at the end of the pay week into the coin bank as well. This also helps to add up very quickly with the cash.

Saving money can seem extremely difficult to do, especially when everything costs money, but by using these tools, you too can save money and will become better for it in the long run. I hope you enjoyed this week’s post! Be sure to click that like button and sound off in the comments below to let me know your thoughts on saving money. Also, be sure to follow my blog for more like this and I will see you next week!

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