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Airplane Essentials

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In about two weeks, I will be taking a trip to Walt Disney World with three of my best friends and I can’t wait! We will be flying into Orlando and as a person who has flown a lot in life, I definitely have airplane essentials. For these essentials, I always things that will basically just waste time, but I also keep things with me that I don’t want to put in my suitcase. When flying, you definitely want to have something that can keep you entertained with the possibility of no internet access. You also want to have things that can distract you if you are a nervous flyer.

My first essential is my chargers. This includes my phone, iPad, Fitbit, and headphone chargers. These are packed for obvious reasons, but I keep them in my personal bag because it makes them more accessible and I can use them on the plane. Most airlines have ports for charger in the seats on on the backs of seats. I don’t usually bring my iPad, but I am on this trip for school purposes.

img_3791For my time wasters, I always make sure to bring my earbuds and a book or my Kindle. My current earbuds are the Beats Wireless Pro earbud in black. I absolutely LOVE them! Before getting on a plane, I always create a plane playlist, making sure all the songs are downloaded to my phone. If it isn’t downloaded it won’t play due to no service. I also always download a couple podcasts and episodes on Netflix. My podcast downloads include Directionally Challenged and The TryPod. For my Netflix downloads, I always download a few episodes of The Office and a few episodes of whatever I am bingeing at the time, which right now is Supernatural. The flight may only be an hour long and I have about five hours worth of entertainment, but I am also someone who changes my mind a lot, so I make sure to have my options.

My last airplane essential is my toiletries bag. I always keep this with me in case I need to freshen up and also so I know that everything is on me and I don’t have to worry about anything being tossed about to spill out or break.

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