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A Travel Guide To Walt Disney World

Welcome to this week’s blog post! If you are new to my blog then be sure to head over to my page to see what else you might be interested in. If you are a returning reader then welcome back. A couple weeks ago I went to Walt Disney World with three of my best friends and we had an absolute blast!


img_5375Flights can be stressful what with security, boarding, take off, turbulents, and landing. I have flown pretty much all my life, so I have a few tips on how to make it a little easier.  When dealing with the stress of security just remember that all toiletries must be 3.4OZ  or smaller (but you can have as many 3.4oz bottles as you want), and remember that all of your liquids need to be put together because you have to pull them out when going through the line. You will also have to remove all electronics from your bags such as laptops and tablets.

Packing in a carry-on can be just as stressful, hoping that it will fit in the overhead bin. I definitely suggest getting an actual carry-on suitcase. On this trip, one of my friends packed in a “carry-on” sized stiff duffel from Thirty-One that ended up not fitting in the first flight overhead bin. Also remember that you can have a personal bag which can be your purse, a backpack, or a tote bag. This bag just has to fit underneath the seat in front of you. My backpack was a little bulging coming back home and it still had about 4 inches of room.

My last tip definitely includes time wasters. This includes a book, music, or something to watch (anything to keep you entertained). A quick tip is that Netflix has downloadable episodes of tons of shows and downloadable movies as well. Some of the TV shows you can download include The Office, Stranger Things, and Friends. This can help keep you distracted if you are nervous or just to generally keep you from being bored. I always download my favorite episodes of Friends and The Office as well as a couple episodes of whatever I am currently bingeing.

Magic Kingdom

Obviously, everyone thinks of this park when thinking about Disney World. Princesses, rides, and Cinderella’s Castle. It is definitely one of my favorites in the Park Ranking, but a good thing to keep in mind is that it will always be the most packed park due to the attractions. Be prepared to dodge just as many strollers as bodies. With that in mind, make sure you have some fun too. The rides are great and there are so many characters to meet like Sitch, Tinkerbell, Mickey, and Rapunzel. As far as FastPasses go I recommend following the order they are listed below.


Pecos Bill for nachos, Pinnochio’s Village Haus for Italian and chicken, Storybook Treats for some great ice cream, and Gaston’s for the biggest cinnamon roll ever (1 snack credit and it’s big enough to split between two people).


Thunder Mountain Railroad (Frontierland- best at night), Splash Mountain (Frontierland), Pirates of the Caribbean (Adventureland), Haunted Mansion, and the People Mover (Tomorrowland- always a great way to sit and cool off).

Be sure to hang around for the fireworks show and the fantasy parade where you can see all of your favorite characters (if you aren’t a parade person, then take that time to hop in lines for the more popular rides).

Hollywood Studios

If you are a Star Wars fan like me and my friend pictured directly above, then this is the park for you. Hollywood Studios is already my favorite park, but it just got even better. Star Wars land is out of this galaxy (get it?). It is incredible the way you are immersed in the land. I definitely recommend making use of the extra magic hours, if you are staying on resort, to go straight to the Millenium Falcon. We stood in line for about an hour and when came out (at park opening), it was at almost two hours. Also, be sure to check out character meet and greets with Chewbacca and BB8.


Catalina Eddie’s (Pizza)


Rock N’ Rollercoaster (be prepared- hold your head back), Millenium Falcon (fully immersive- I steered us left and right), Star Tours (50 different experiences so make sure you ride it a couple times), Slinky Dog Dash (worth the wait- we waited two hours), Toy Story Mania, Frozen Show (funny for all ages and a fun show)


This park is my second favorite. I love getting to walk through and experience all of the countries. The UK is definitely my favorite (refer to my Mickey ears above). It is also a fun time when it is the Food and Wine Festival. Great park for the older crowds!


Tutto Italia (AMAZING ITALIAN– always a must-eat place for me), Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie (French Bakery), La Cantina de San Angel (great nachos and churros), Rose and Crown (English Pub)


Test Track (super fun at night), Soarin’ (always get a FastPass- ask for the middle section, top row), Three Caballeros (boat ride to sit and cool off- inside Mexico Pavillion), Frozen (waited about an hour and a half- fun but not very long)

Animal Kingdom

Pandora is amazing!!! My parents drove up from the beach for a day to come to hang out and explore the world of Avatar. Flight of Passage was definitely better than Soarin’.


Flame-tree Barbecue (pulled pork on french fries and covered in nacho cheese- great onion rings as well)


Flight of Passage (GET A FASTPASS- well worth the wait but always a long wait), Na’avi River, Expedition Everest (sit in the front), Safari, Dinosaur, Kali River Rapids, It’s Tough To Be A Bug

Disney Springs

Another park for the older crowds. A lot of shopping, drinking, and restaurants available. It is free to get in and there aren’t any rides. Kids will still have fun with the shops, but not as much fun as other parks.


Rainforest Café, Planet Hollywood, Arendelle Aqua Punch (AMAZING!!!!)


Dining Plan (we had the quick service dining plan and actually had too many quick services and snacks), Hotel (we stayed at All-Star Movies- very nice!), Magic Bands (Lifesavers), Sending things to the hotel (another lifesaver- free service that will keep you from having to hang on tto those shopping bags all day), hotel gift shops almost always have medicines and other essentials located towards the back, and the rooms will also have a blow dryer and a provided safe for valuables.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s blog post. Be sure to click that like button and follow my blog for more like this. Leave a comment below if you have any thoughts or questions on the post? Also, let me know what your favorite thing to do in Disney World is.

Thanks for reading!

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