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My Ride or Die Beauty Products

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img_3273I am a huge advocate of spending money you don’t have on products you don’t necessarily need. The following products are among that list. For the most part. There are a small few products in this list that I would truly suffer without them. With that said, every single one of these products conquer a different step in the makeup/skincare process and are the only products I ever use in said field. These are my true ride or die products and are always the first things I take on vacation.

All of the prices are according to Sephora retail pricing.

It Cosmetics- Bye Bye Redness Cream ($32)

This product is a very big essential to me. I never leave the house without this on my skin. I have naturally rosy cheeks, so this helps to keep me from looking like I am 24/7 embarrassed. I actually usually use this as a foundation replacement. It has the same amount of coverage as a cc cream. This product is part of my day to day makeup routine.

Benefit Cosmetics- 24 Hour Brow Setting Gel ($24)

This is not necessarily a part of my every day routine, but it is definitely a good essential. It will hold my brows for more than 10 hours when I am gone to classes all day. It is a good product to pack for vacations when you know you will be out all day and you don’t want those brows moving around.

Kiehl’s Since 1851- Butterstick Lip Treatment SPF 30 ($22)

This is one of those essentials for me. I have this product in the shade Naturally Nude and I love it. It is a tinted lip balm. It has spf in it and is a treatment for those chapped and cracked lips. Where I live, it is currently very much winter, so this product has quickly become very crucial to have with me at all times. It doesn’t have a very strong pigment so it goes perfect with a day to day natural look. It sort of bring out a little more pigment to your own natural shade. I absolutely love it!

Benefit Cosmetics- Goof Proof Brow Pencil ($24)

img_3350This is another essential. I never go out without my brows done. My brows are mostly a warm brown, but they have patches of blonde brow hair, so if I don’t do them, they look very ugly quite frankly. This pencil has been my brow pencil of choice for almost four years now. The shape of the pencil fits perfectly to the shape of the brow. Plus it is double sided with a brow brush which makes things very convenient.

MURAD- Renewing Cleansing Cream ($39)

This is my most needed and most used product. I use this product to wash my face with every shower (every day). I had this product recommended to me at a facial due to my dry skin. As soon as I changed over to this face wash versus the one I was using, I noticed a reduction in the redness in my skin significantly. It has also kept my face from feeling as dried out after getting out of the shower.

MILK Makeup- Kush High Volume Mascara ($24)

I have used my fair share of mascara brands over the years, but this has got to be my absolute favorite. I quickly fell in love with the Tarte Gifted mascara and I dint think it could get better until I uses the Benefit Cosmetics Bad Gal Bang mascara. I was convinced I had found my one true mascara until I got this mascara as a travel size sample in a Sephora order and I very quickly fell in love. It makes my lashes look so long and full and I just really love it.

Kiehl’s Since 1851- Ultra Facial Moisturizer SPF 30 ($32)

I use this moisturizer under my makeup every single day. It provides that needed daily sun protection as well as providing a great base for my makeup. When I wear this under my makeup, I never even put primer on because the formula is thick enough that it provide it’s own primer base for my following products. I have used this moisturizer for about five years and I will never change.

These have been my absolutes ride or die beauty products for both makeup and skincare. I live for these products and it would take A LOT to get me to change off of these products. I hope you enjoyed this week’s blog post! Be sure to comment down below to let me know your top favorite beauty products (makeup/skincare). Also be sure to click that like button, follow my blog, and I will see you next week!

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