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My Three-Week Long Breakdown

Hello reader! If you are new to my blog then be sure to click here to follow my blog for notifications on weekly posts about lifestyle, travel, books, and media. If you are a returning reader, then welcome back! As you can tell by the title of this week’s post, the first three weeks of 2020 have been the craziest three weeks of my entire life. This is my first post in those three weeks. I don’t normally miss a week of posting unless it’s a holiday or I am on vacation. That is how busy these past three weeks have truly been for me.

First off, school started back last week. For those of you who don’t know, I am a second-semester senior in college, so that means stress on top of stress. I may only have four total classes for the whole semester, but one of those is a capstone class with an EXTRA LARGE semester paper (which will also consist of a 55 minute group presentation). This class also comes with healthy sized assignments each week and assessments almost every other week. I also have advanced accounting, accounting systems, and new venture planning. Each of my classes require reading of the materials, so that is just another time consuming activity.

On top of my school work, I am also tutoring my cousin in high school level algebra II. This requires weekly meetings with quizzes, homework, and tests as well. To go along with both of these activities, I am officially out of the retail business and have recently landed myself a tax internship at a local CPA firm for tax season. This paid internship will carry me through to graduation and will provide me with more pay and more hours than my previous employer. I am so happy to be out of retail and into something a little closer to my future career goals. Plus, this will look great on my resume. With all of that said, this job keeps me busy from 8am to 5pm. Luckily, I have Mondays off from work due to classes all day, as well as my weekends free. Having my weekends free is a new adjustment, as I worked weekends at my previous employer for nearly five years. I only ever had weekends off if I requested them off. Weekends as well as my afternoons free is something I am gladly becoming accustomed to.

Needless to say, January has been absolutely insane and definitely a hand full. Between school and work, It is hard to find free time, but finally having weekends free has given me time to do things with my parents and friends that I wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise. A good example being that I am helping my cousin redesign and decorate her bookshelves this weekend and I am so excited for it. Returning readers will know that I am an organizational nut. I am basically Monica Gellar.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my rant on my busy start to 2020. If you don’t already follow me then be sure to click here to follow my blog for notifications on weekly posts about lifestyle, travel, books, and media. Also be sure to like this post and leave a comment below to let me know how you’re 2020 is going so far. See you guys next time!

Thanks for reading!

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