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Becoming Your Own Anchor

Teen Wolf has had one major theme throughout every season. Have confidence and courage in yourself and know that, with a good heart and level head, you can do anything. Becoming your own anchor is no easy feat. It takes confidence and courage at a whole new level. This theme becomes an important one in which Melissa places upon Scott in season three. This moral value is what leads to Scott’s arc into a True Alpha. This lesson does, in fact, carry into everyday life and is a lesson we can all maintain; here’s how.

Courage is a major aspect of becoming your own anchor. Without courage, there would be no risks taken and in order to become your own anchor one must believe in his or herself enough and have the courage to take risks. This also involves having the courage to face up to your fears and your enemies. Teen Wolf has taught us to have courage even in the darkest of times. Initiative is another valuable route to becoming your own anchor. You have to have the drive to better yourself and be the person in your life you can always depend on to ground you. Without initiative,  becoming your own anchor would be nearly impossible. Teen Wolf has taught us to keep pushing and to keep striving to better yourself.

Confidence is the third major key in becoming your own anchor. You need to know that you can depend on yourself and you should also believe in yourself to be your best self. Without confidence in yourself, it is very hard to stand your own ground against your fears and greatest obstacles. Teen Wolf has taught us to never fail in believing in ourselves and our abilities. Support Systems are the final important step in becoming your own anchor. Without a support system to fall back on, you can begin to feel powerless and alone, preventing you from being able to believe that you can keep yourself grounded. Teen Wolf has taught us that a good support system gives us more strength than anything.

These core values are the keys to becoming your own anchor. I definitely pride myself on being my own anchor every day. Without this moral lesson in the back of my mind, I would never accomplish anything. This instills a definite confidence in me. Without this show, I would be so different. The hidden moral values and lessons throughout the series have truly changed my life.

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