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My Bookshelf Reorganization

Hello and welcome to this weeks blog post. If you are a new reader, then be sure to follow my blog via email or WordPress account. If you are a returning reader, then welcome back. Be sure to click that like button and leave a comment below to let me know your thoughts. Let’s just say that reorganizing my bookshelves was a huge task and definitely took a helping hand. It took 3 hours from start to finish, mostly because I am super picky about where my books are placed and what other books they are placed with. Let’s discuss my game plan.

The Game Plan

My game plan was a simple one. Make a mess, clean up, and tackle the big moment. I had four sections that needed my attention the most. My supply shelves, my closet shelf, my reading chair table, and my bookshelves. This was a huge task and I couldn’t have done it without my helper, my cousin Hallie. We put on some music and got to work.

Making A Mess

Our first step was to take everything off the shelves and the table. We put and decor pieces on my desk, books and journals went in the floor in stacks, and office supplies went on my desk as well. We definitely made a mess but it is a good way to see everything you have and give your mind a blank canvas for where you want everything to go.

Cleaning Up

After everything was off the shelves and the table, I super cleaned everything with wood polish spray. There was layers of dust on my shelves like crazy. It has been so long since I last reorganized and dusted them. After everything was wiped down, I wiped down my books and decor pieces. I then began to stack alike items together such as my journals, textbooks, writing books, and coloring books.

The Big Moment

After all that, it was time for the big moment of the actual organization process. I started with my table by putting my Georgia O’Keefe art book, The Art of Harry Potter, my USWNT souvenir magazine, a copy of Hello magazine that I bought in London, and the Kendall Jenner Vogue magazine stacked in the center. I then added my candle, the bow from my Homecoming rose, and my fake succulents around the books. I continued on to my closet by putting my Funko Pop boxes on the shelf, and then tackled my supplies shelf. i made the top shelf organized with my themed coloring books (The Hunger Games, Fantastic Beasts, Harry Potter, and The Mortal Instruments) and my writing journals. I continued by filling the second shelf with post-its, tape, and my desk tools. The third shelf filled up with my bullet journal pens, and that left the bottom shelf for writing books, my magazine holder, and my textbooks.

Now it was time for my bookshelves. I always start with my Harry Potter and Shadowhunter novels. They always go together and on stacked shelves. I decided to place them in the center of my shelves this time. For these it literally just follows my own OCD which means I put the original novels together on one shelf, and then the spin offs on their own shelves. On the far left side of my shelves, it starts with all of my werewolf based books (plus Outlander) and my Teen Wolf Funko Pops. It then continues with my Stranger Things novels, related genre novels, and my books with intense crazy plots. It moves down to my shelf with survivor books as well as the Twilight series, and ends with books from my childhood as well as Rick Riordan novels.

The shelves below my Shadowhunter series contains more survivor themed books and some classic novels. Below my Harry Potter shelves is more classic novels. Moving on to my last set of shelves on the far right, I have my nonfiction books and the shelf below that has no specific theme other than the fact that I loved the idea of all the novels on this shelf being within the blue, gray scale. The last two shelves contain my romance genre books and books (that I love) that I had no idea where else to put them.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s post! Be sure to follow my blog via email or WordPress account if you aren’t already. Also, be sure to like the post and comment below if you have any questions about my decor, or any other questions about the post. See you next time!

Thanks for reading!

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