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My Plans Post-Quarantine

Hello and welcome to this week’s blog posy. If you are new to my blog, then be sure to check out my page and follow me for notifications on future posts. If you are a returning reader, then welcome back. I didn’t post last week due to a birthday; mine. Last week I turned 22 and I celebrated with Olive Garden take out and by playing Taylor Swift’s “22” all day. This week however I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. We will all soon be able to slowly return to everyday normality. Restaurants are reopening, employees are returning to work, and everyone will be resuming their lives outside their houses. My plans are pretty basic; go out with my friends, graduate from college, and find a full-time job.


Once the world opens up again, my people and I will be jetting off to celebrate my birthday via Chili’s or Applebees since those are our usual spots. I can’t wait to hang out with them again. Before quarantine, we were spending practically every weekend together, going to movies, going to eat, playing escape rooms, shopping, etc. It has been so weird not getting to see them except through Snapchat. It will be great to return to our circle and have our fabulous girls nights once more.


Due to everything, unfortunately, my graduation has been postponed to August, but I am still extremely excited to announce that, as of today, I am technically graduated. Today is the day all grades are due for Seniors and I am so excited for it. It is such a weird feeling to not have anything to do when I have constantly had something to do for the past four months. Yes, I am considering pursuing my masters, but I definitely need a break. When you think about it, I have been in school since I was in Kindergarten, so I am definitely feeling the burnout. I just can’t wait to decorate my cap and walk across that stage in August.


As far as this section goes, I am in a bit of an odd spot. I am looking for a full-time position when basically everyone is in a hiring freeze. I am sort of in a limbo state, as my internship obviously ended, but there might be potential for a job??? Maybe??? I am applying other places just in case, but in the long run, I am currently unemployed. I mean, it’s not like I am really spending money from my couch (I have refrained from online shopping, apart from the $80 I spent on clothes for myself for my birthday). I will, however, be spending money once I return to my weekend jaunts with my friends, so I definitely need some income. Keep your fingers crossed!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog post. Let me know below what your plans are post-quarantine. Also be sure to follow my blog and click that like button on this post. See you guys next week!

Thanks for reading!

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