Tasks You Can Get Done While At Home

Hello and welcome to this week’s blog post! If you are a new reader, then be sure to check out my page to see what else you might be interested in. If you are a returning reader, then welcome back! This week’s blog post is sponsored by the COVID. I have been stuck at the house with nothing to do while I am in between jobs. I have found that these tasks have kept me from scaling the walls. These may be simple tasks but they will make you feel a lot more organized and sane.


This one is pretty self explanatory, but whether it be making your bed or wiping down the kitchen counters, it will help you feel so much better. A clean space leads to a clean mind. I have used my time at home to deep clean my bedroom, office, and bathroom. With my bedroom, I pulled my bed into the center of my room and vacuumed behind the bed and where my bed usually is to get all of those dust bunnies. I also did some extra dusting by dusting the dust webs in the upper corners of my room as well as the blinds and windowsills on my three windows.

This carried over into my office when I dusted my windows in there as well as vacuuming under my desk and chair. With my bathroom, I wiped down my sink counter and did a thorough cleaning of my bathtub/shower. I also deep scrubbed the toilet (including inside the bowl and the actual toilet itself). This ended with a good vacuum. My deep cleaning pretty much ended here while my mom wiped down the kitchen counter as well as the island and the dining room table. Some other deep cleaning tasks you can conquer could be vacuuming your couch, cleaning all the windows, vacuuming the whole house, cleaning your fridge shelves and drawers, or even conquering your garage.


The Allison family household takes pride in our organization projects we have conquered during quarantine. I, personally, took the time to reorganize my closet and dresser by moving out winter clothes such as sweaters and long sleeve tees, and moved in my bathing suits and blue jean shorts. My mom and I conquered her and dad’s walk-in closet by creating a color coded system for their hung tops, and Marie Kondo t-shirt drawers.

We proceeded to the kitchen where our pantry got a clean out and a good organization. Our quarantine spree ended with a much needed organization of our hall closet (filled with board games, extra batteries, camera equipment, gift bags, and lots of other storage closet items). This closet was one of those you closed really fast before it all came tumbling out, but not anymore. Some other tasks you can conquer could be your kitchen cabinets, your spice cabinet, your medicine cabinet, bathroom drawers, emails, desk drawers, or even your junk drawer (wherever it may be).

Common Chores

This one contains basic everyday tasks that you just may have not been making the time for. We used this category to catch up on laundry, wash our bedding (including the comforters), vacuum the house, dust basic surfaces, keep up with the dishes, and tidy up. I used this time off to make my bed each day, keep up with laundry and putting it away, dust my tv, bookshelves, and dresser, and keep my rooms tidy. This pretty much sums up the common chores section.


This category includes things that will help you stay calm and relaxed during this stressful time. For me, I have been tanning out by the pool, binge watching the shows I haven’t had time for until now, reading all the books I now have time to read, and exercising. We have also had more family game nights and overall family time. For example, we took these last two weeks to have a Marvel movie marathon and watched all of the Marvel movies in order of release. Now is the time to get closer and get stuff done.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s blog post. Be sure to like the post and follow my blog for more like this. Also be sure to leave a comment below and let me know how you are spending this time. Click any of the links below to see more posts. See you next time.

Thanks for reading!

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