My Chat with A Momtrepreneur

Welcome to Karmen’s Korner! If you are a new reader, be sure to follow my blog via email or WordPress account to get notifications on future posts. If you are a returning reader, then welcome back. This week, I sat down with one of my oldest and bestest friends, Kassidy Sparks, to discuss her transition to become a momtrepreneur. Kassidy is a full-time Mary Kay consultant with a husband, Isaac, and two little ones, Ava Grace and Oakley. She recently made the decision to quit her side job to make Mary Kay her only source of income. It has been amazing to watch her grow inside and out with her journey in Kary Kay!

I have known Kassidy for nearly 17 years; I honestly can’t remember ever not knowing her. We played soccer together, basketball together, and even vacationed together. She has always been the sister I never had and it’s always hard to believe that we have grown up so much. She is married with two kids!!!  It feels like we should still be playing American Idol on my front porch while singing Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana songs. It is now such a pleasure to get to see her with the family she has always deserved and to see how much her world revolves around Ava Grace and Oakley, who are basically her mini-me’s. Kassidy has always been the mom friend in the group, so it is no surprise to see how great she is as an actual mom. I am very excited that she agreed to do this blog post and I cannot wait for you guys to read it!

High School Graduation

Her Decision to Join Mary Kay

Kassidy’s decision to join Mary Kay came after her husband, Isaac, and her had discussed the possibility of her acquiring a second income. She knew she didn’t want to stay at her current job forever and with a 5-month-old at home, she didn’t see college being a reasonably soon goal. Nikki, her now Mary Kay director, invited her to come to a session to be a face model. There, Kassidy learned about all of the benefits that Mary Kay had to offer. At the time Kassidy didn’t have a lot of local friends either, with most of her friends being off at college, so she became intrigued by having friends in the same period of life as her (married and with a child). She knew Mary Kay would help to build her self-confidence as well.

The part that completely sold Kassidy on the idea of becoming a Mary Kay consultant was their motto of God first, family second, career third. This is something that she saw really affecting her life for the better, so she made the jump and is still loving it more than a year later. Kassidy had always dreamed of having a job like Mary Kay where she could work with make up and be around other women, supporting her all the way.

The night she was pinned as a Mary Kay consultant.

Her Decision to Quit Her Day Job

When Kassidy started Mary Kay, she was a mom of one, so the idea of juggling two jobs seemed reasonable. Soon being a mom of two little ones, she knew that having two jobs and trying back to school just wasn’t going to work. Mary Kay provided her with the resources to give her the confidence to make the jump to sole Mary Kay consultant. She believed in her work ethic and her knowledge of the company enough to make the big decision. When her second child, Oakley, was born, Kassidy and Isaac prayed about her decision to quit her other job.

As they prayed and talked about it, they came to the conclusion that she could either quit Mary Kay or quit her other job as a pharmacy technician. It came down to the simple decision of happiness over regret. Kassidy knew that Mary Kay would bring her much more happiness with the community, being able to create her own hours and be her own boss, and she knew that she would get more time with her kids. With her other job she was coming home after her kids were already asleep for the night, and with Mary Kay, she could be the one to tuck them in at night. It also gave her more time to spend with Isaac and her family as a whole.

How Her Business Has Changed During the Pandemic

When Kassidy finally made the decision to devote her full attention to Mary Kay, the pandemic hit. This actually came at a blessing. She quickly saw a spike in business and people interested in buying the products. People were buying from her that never had before. We all know that the quarantine emptied all of our bank accounts from the online shopping. Virtual parties soon became a regular routine for her. People could throw and attend Mary Kay parties from the comfort of their own home with little hassle. Going virtual made it easier to make the shift, in a way. She was able to take the baby steps in going full-time, rather than the big jump.

Her Mission

Kassidy’s main mission in Mary Kay consulting has been to help her husband in providing for her family, and she loves doing it in a way that helps women to find their self-confidence and see their own beauty inside and out. She makes sure to be friendly to every person she meets so people can experience a little bit of God with every interaction; she never wants to be known or seen as a negative person.

How She Advertises

Kassidy advertises mainly through personal connections and interactions. If a party is held, she makes sure to reach out to everyone that attended to attend to their Mary Kay needs. She also operates through Facebook where she posts sales and specials on Mary Kay products.

Her Goals for The Future

One of Kassidy’s main goals for the future is to become a Red Jacket (leaders that got to certain Mary Kay meetings, get first priority sneak peeks of new products, and have more in depth meetings) by the end of October. She would also like to have earned her first Mary Kay car by the end of next year. She is making smaller goals to reach her big goals including her weekly goals of the number of people to reach out to and parties to hold.

On the personal life side, Kassidy is hoping to have all loans paid off by next fall. She is also looking to go back to school where she will major in Elementary education and hopefully get to have both of her kids in her class one day. Kassidy and Isaac are making plans to also invest on a set of land to build a house on. She keeps up with all of her goals with a vision board hanging in her office which includes her loans checklist, pictures of a potential home to build, and other aspects that represent where she hopes to be in the future.

Her Business Essentials

When asked this question, Kassidy spoke highly of her director, Nikki, and her husband Isaac who she says has been so supportive of her making the jump to going full-time and whatever makes her happy. He knew she wasn’t happy as a pharmacy technician and could see the passion in which she spoke about Mary Kay and the products. Kassidy has also recently built and office area in her house, which, as her organization freak friend, I am very proud of.

Her Advice to Potential Mary Kay Consultants

“When you hear about the bonuses, it’s easy to get caught up in those. Use SMART goals and be willing to put in the work.” The SMART goals she spoke of stand for specific (what do you hope to achieve), measurable (how will you know when you have reached your goal), attainable (is it something you have control over), relevant (Why is this applicable to your life), and time-based (when do you want to achieve your goal).

Kassidy also stated to take advantage of the resources that Mary kay provides as well as the other members that are there to support you. Ask them questions. She also spoke to making sure you get to know the products; it makes them a lot easier to sell and will help you help others in their needs.

Her Advice to Momtrepreneurs

Kassidy’s biggest advice is to know your why and to write it down. “Make goal posters and vision boards somewhere where you can easily look at them.” She also says to ask yourself if your current situation hindering your time with your family and to make SMART (see above paragraph) goals to determine your answer. “Have someone that will hold you accountable to your goals and remember why you made this decision. When you get in a rut, look at your vision board.”

It was so much fun getting to learn more about Kassidy’s business and her journey with Mary Kay. Shoutout to Cup Runneth Over for providing the hot tea and iced coffee beverages we deeply enjoyed! If you would like to get in touch with Kassidy, I will be leaving the link to her email below as well as the link to her Mary Kay website. Be sure to check it out (the eye makeup remover is AMAZING)!

Be sure to leave a comment below letting me know any other questions or comments you have. I hope you enjoyed this week’s post and be sure to click the like button below. Visit the links below to follow my blog via email or WordPress account to get notifications on future posts as well as to view other posts I have written. See you next time!

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