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Movies To Watch This Halloween

Welcome to Karmen’s Korner! If you are a new reader, be sure to follow my blog to get notifications on future posts (it’s free to create an account). If you are a returning reader, then welcome back. This week, I am discussing what movies you should watch this Halloween. These are the movies I watch EVERY YEAR! They do not include any scary movies because I am not a horror movie person, so if you don’t like them either, then this will be perfect for you! So, get settled in, and let’s get started.


These are my absolute favorite Halloween movies to watch every October! I do not let a Halloween go by without watching these. I love watching all three (yes all THREE, because I don’t watch the fourth one in protest… if you have seen them then you know what I am talking about). One year I WILL dress up as Marny. I want to get that cloak from the first movie with the strips of fabric in orange and purple! If you haven’t watched these movies, they are all on Disney+, so get to it!

TWITCHES (Disney+)

Tia and Tamara Mowry people! Both of these films are so good and I was a huge fan of these films growing up; and still am. I loved Sister, Sister, so I loved getting to see the twins in these movies. It’s also hilarious how the character’s personalities match up and the way the meet is similar as well. They are TWIN WITCHES: Twitches.

TIM BURTON (Disney+ and YouTube TV)

This category includes The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Corpse Bride, and Coraline. Coraline is my favorite of the three, but these are all amazing. They are outstanding in the film-making process alone. Claymation is an incredibly long process, so huge props to the patience these people have. Coraline isn’t for every family; it definitely freaked me out as a kid, but I love it so much! I was actually planning to dress as Coraline this year. Dang COVID!

PENELOPE (Amazon Prime)

This is definitely not a film one would think of for halloween, but the movie does end on Halloween and it is about a girl with a pig face. I just love this movie so much! I have watched it a million times. I love Christina Ricci (Wednesday Addams), and then there is Reese Witherspoon, James McAvoy, Peter Dinklage, Richard Grant, and Simon Woods. Such an amazing cast and story!


With this category, I am speaking specifically to Spirited Away, Castle In The Sky, Howl’s Moving Castle, My Neighbor Totoro, and Kiki’s Delivery Service. Spirited Away is my favorite of all of these! I have watched it so many times I can say the lines with the characters. Anime is not usually my forte, but Studio Ghibli is a huge exception here! Just such great stories and the animation is artistically stunning.


I love these films so much!!! My favorite is Addams Family Values because who doesn’t love the scene when Wednesday sets the stage on fire and the theme plays? Also that dance scene with Morticia and Gomez, and the birth scene LOL! These movies are just hilarious based off of the morals they carry. Happiness is a negative emotion for this family.

HARRY POTTER (Amazon Prime and YouTube TV)

If you know me, then you know that this is an obvious series to watch during October. Harry Potter is the embodiment of Halloween. I mean, wizards, witches, trolls, werewolves, giants, and cornish pixies (freshly caught cornish pixies). Chamber of Secrets and Prisoner of Azkaban are the closest in theme. I love these films so much and they are an October staple!


Okay, if you have not seen these musicals, then you are greatly missing out! I am a recent fan, but it was a quick process. The first two musicals they have are Harry Potter musicals (A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel). Each musical is good for halloween, but, specifiaclly, A Very Potter Musical, A Very Potter Sequel, The Guy Who Didn’t Like Musicals, and Black Friday are the closest to the October theme. my favorite one is Twisted, but I promise they are all amazing and hilarious! There wasn’t one that I didn’t belly-laugh at!

What movies do you like to watch this Halloween? Are any of these in your October staples? Let me know below and I hope you enjoyed this week’s post. Be sure to click the like button below and visit the links below to follow my blog via email or WordPress account to get notifications on future posts as well as to view other posts I have written. See you next time!

Thanks for reading and happy haunting!

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