My Weight-Loss Journey: Part One

Welcome to Karmen’s Korner! If you are a new reader, be sure to follow my blog to get notifications on future posts.  If you are a returning reader, then welcome back. This week, I am going with a more personal topic. I am going to discuss my weight loss journey with you guys.  This is part one of what I expect to be a two- or three-part series. This is a blog post that I have wanted to do for about two years and have never had the ability to post it. I have finally started a weight loss plan and have going strong for about three months. I am 22 pounds down and I figure now is the time for part one.


I started this journey because when I graduated high school, I was at 206 and I started this thing at 243. Realizing that I had gained that much in just 4 years was a bit shocking. I also started having to go up in clothing sizes and I hated the way I looked in almost everything I wore. I knew that it was time to do something about it. My aunt was also starting her own diet and I was unemployed from the pandemic at the time, so I figured now was the perfect time to get started because I would have a diet partner.

The Plan

For the first two weeks, my aunt and I texted each other every day what we were gonna eat that day. While she was on a paid structured plan, I was sticking to staying under 1000 calories a day and drinking at least a gallon of water a day. I was also cutting carbs and limiting myself to only having bread once a week when I would have a Subway sandwich. Even then, I got the veggie delight, so it is literally veggies on bread. This plan is still my structure now and I am still going strong.

The Breaking Point

My breaking point came on the fourth week in. I was absolutely starving, and I came close to caving that whole week, but I just kept remembering how I would feel once I reached my target weight and how I felt at the beginning. I pushed through and with some creative snacking, I made it and I now no longer have the cravings I did when I started. One technique that has also really helped me get through this is creating a weight loss vision board through Pinterest. I filled mine with inspirational quotes and pictures of the outfits I can’t wait to wear. I am a big fan of 90s fashion, so my outfit pictures are mostly Monica and Rachel.

My Current Mindset

I am at 218 right now and I feel great! Cravings aren’t really a thing anymore and I have gone down a jean size. I honestly couldn’t tell you the last time I could wear a size 14 jean. I even have clothes that I have saved because I wanted to lose weight to get into them and I finally can. I have old soccer shorts that fit me as good as the day I wore them on the field. I have a goal to be at 200 by the new year, and the day that happens, I will celebrate like no other because I truly think that the last time I was at 200 was maybe my sophomore year of high school.

The tummy area is still a work in progress, but my waist has become very trimmed and the leg area has definitely decreased. Taking photos to compare side by side really helps you to see where you have improved!

My Advice to Others

Set goals and reward yourself when you reach them. This doesn’t mean to go out and eat a four-course meal. I have set rewards for myself of things I have always wanted to buy for myself. For example, now that I have reached 20 pounds off, I am treating myself to a getaway with my friends to get massages and facials. I also have rewards in the form of clothing. I have this dress that I have had for about a year and have never been able to fit into it. It is a red and white polka dot dress that buttons down the front and splits in the front at the shin with ruffles on the edge. It looks straight out of Friends. I keep it in the front of my closet, so I see it every day and remember what I am working towards.

Leave a comment below letting me know your thoughts on this week’s post and if you are also trying your own weight loss journey, and I hope you enjoyed this week’s post. Be sure to click the like button below and visit the links below to follow my blog via email or WordPress account to get notifications on future posts as well as to view other posts I have written. See you next time!

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “My Weight-Loss Journey: Part One”

  1. I’m all for someone wanting to live their healthiest life. But don’t fall prey to the societal standards that demand you have to look a particular way otherwise they deem you unattractive and unhealthy.

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