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How To Buy A Great Gift

Welcome to Karmen’s Korner! If you are a new reader, be sure to follow my blog to get notifications on future posts.  If you are a returning reader, then welcome back. This week, I will be following the Christmas theme and giving some tips and tricks on how to buy a gift for someone. This can be for Christmas, their birthday, or just a random Tuesday. I have 5 top tips on how you can buy someone the perfect gift, so let’s get started!

There will be no YouTube video or blog post next week, due to the holidays. I hope you all have the merriest of Christmases and happiest of holidays!

– Karmen


When choosing the perfect gift for someone, think of their favorite things. This can include their favorite movie, tv show, book, band, or past-time activity. If they love Harry Potter then you can buy them a HP inspired shirt, decal, or set of earrings. It’s truly that simple. For instance, one of my friends love Alice in Wonderland, so I could buy her a cool Alice shirt or mug and it would suit her interests perfectly. My selections in this area would be Harry Potter, Teen Wolf/Supernatural, Cassandra Clare novels, Jonas Brothers, and soccer/reading/writing.

Clothing Choices

This tip can begin with a very simple question: Do they wear a lot of tees, sweaters, or pullovers? This can be a very simple tip. My cousin owns like 30 hoodies, so it would be a safe bet that I could buy her a hoodie as a gift and she would love it. You can choose it in their favorite color or revert to the tip above and get it in their favorite movie or show. I have way too many tees and crewnecks, but I continue to buy them, so it would be safe to buy me one of those items.


Do they collect cool coffee mugs, tumblers, or Funko POPs? If the answer is yes, then I think you would be very well-thought in buying them a gift in this category. Something as simple as a Central Perk mug from Friends can really spark a smile and a thank you


A homemade gift is as good as it gets. A homemade gift can really show that you care. For example, my friend knows that she is getting something homemade for her classroom when she starts teaching chemistry at our local high school this January. I won’t say what specifically in case she reads this, but I knew that I wanted to get her a homemade gift for her room. This is not only a personalized gift, but it also shows my support for her in her new career (and her braveness in teaching high school chemistry).

The Ultimate Tip

When in doubt, go with Gift Cards. This can be the easiest way to customize a gift to someone. Do they have a favorite restaurant, a favorite place to buy clothes, a full Amazon cart (ME)? Then buy them a gift card for it! It’s truly that simple.

Leave a comment below letting me know which tip is your favorite, and I hope you enjoyed this week’s post. Be sure to click the like button below and visit the links below to follow my blog via email or WordPress account to get notifications on future posts as well as to view other posts I have written. Also, be sure to check out the video linked below to see my 2020 bullet journal flip-through.

Happy Holidays!

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