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Kicking Off the New Year

Welcome to Karmen’s Korner! If you are a new reader, be sure to follow my blog to get notifications on future posts.  If you are a returning reader, then welcome back. This week, I am discussing all things 2021. So far it hasn’t been a great start for me, as I am writing this as my COVID self. That’s right, January 3rd COVID hit me, and it hit hard. Recovery hasn’t been easy so far; some days are better than others, but I am staying active and well-equipped with antibiotics. I understand some people have had it harder and I admire their battle.

I should have known 2021 wouldn’t go quite as planned when I attempted to use a confetti canon to reign in the new year and opened it upside down. The full video experience can be viewed via my Instagram, which is linked below.

While this hasn’t been the greatest start to 2021, I have still done things to help make it a little better. I have created my own vision board desktop wallpaper with the help of the lovely Angie Bellemare and have also kicked off my thorough use of my bullet journal and gyst journal. My time off to lay sickly in bed has allowed me time to organize, plan, and fall deep into the YouTube rabbit hole. I have also finished my book, Crown of Midnight, and started a new one, Clanlands. My dad also recently subscribed to HBO Max, which has ignited a rewatch of Pretty Little Liars, accompanied by some Netflix time with the Queen’s Gambit.

Leaving all of this aside, 2021 has so far not been a very fresh start and has definitely left my resolutions something to be desired; however, I am choosing to look forward to what is to come. This will be my year to save my money to put towards my future, read all of the books I desire, binge wonderful new shows, and spend some real time with family and friends (safely of course). In creating the vision board, I mentioned earlier, I have envisioned the lifestyle I will work on, the dreams I will start investing in, and the craft I will strive to broaden. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy, and I wish you all a happy new year!

Leave a comment below letting me know what you are anticipating in 2021, and I hope you enjoyed this week’s post. Be sure to click the like button below and visit the links below to follow my blog via email or WordPress account to get notifications on future posts as well as to view other posts I have written. Also, be sure to check out the video linked below to see my 2021 bullet journal flip-through.

Thanks for reading!


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