A Day In My Life

Welcome to Karmen’s Korner! If you are a new reader, be sure to follow my blog to get notifications on future posts.  If you are a returning reader, then welcome back. This week, I am letting you guys into a day in my life! Right now, a day in my life is pretty crazy due to working at a tax firm during tax season. My day to day is exhausting and definitely has a lot going on so let’s get on into it. Just to give a brief overview, my day involves a morning routine, work, exercise, some me time, and a night routine. Some of these things may change up day to day, but this is a pretty typical day.

Morning Routine

My days typically start out with an alarm going off at 6:00am followed by a cup of hot tea and some planning in my bullet journal. I also like to take care of some skincare at this time to give the products time to sink into my skin. For example I typically put on some moisturizer with SPF in it and my eye cream while my tea bag is steeping. Once it’s time to actually start getting ready, I will brush my teeth and change into my work clothes. After, that it’s makeup time! Typically I don’t wear a ton of makeup to work, so I usually just stick with primer, foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer, light blush and highli8ght, simple eyeshadow, brows, and mascara. Once my makeup is done, I pack my bag for work and my lunch if I am taking one that day. Then, I check my dog’s food and water for the day and then yell bye to my teleworking parents and head out the door for work.


Once I arrive at work, I turn on the lights, open the window blinds, log on to my computer, and unlock the door. Once everything is on and opened, I will fill up my water and grab some oatmeal from our kitchen. From there, my work day typically consists of phone calls, appointments being made, tax returns being picked up and paid for, things to mail, people to call, files to pull and put away, and other admin things like that. It’s pretty hectic this time of year as I said earlier, but it also makes the work day go by pretty fast which is nice when you have to work 6-day work weeks. Once I get off at 5:00pm I lock everything up, turn everything off, say my goodbyes, and head to my car.


If you don’t already know, I have been on this weight-loss journey and have been sticking with a workout regimen. On Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays I workout. So, on these days, once I get home from work, I will change into some workout clothes and head downstairs. I keep my free weights and yoga mat in our basement area with the stationary bike and the treadmill. I have been using the Fabletics Fit app to do my workouts. I try to focus on a different area each night and I always make sure to stretch before and after. Once that is all done and I have sweat the entire Tennessee River, I will then head back upstairs to finish off the day with a wonderful shower.

Me Time

This is definitely where my me time comes in to play. I have been obsessed with the TreeHut products here lately, so after washing my hair, body, and face, I will use my shave scrub and butter to get a wonderfully smooth shave. I also love using the body scrub as well. Once out of the shower I put on some lotion and change into my pajamas. The ret of my me time is spent writing, planning, reading, bingeing, and scrolling.

Night Routine

Once it is time for bed I will head back into my bathroom o conduct my skin care routine of toner, pore minimizer, eye cream, moisturizer, vitamin C serum, and facial oil. Once this is all done, I brush my teeth and hair, put in my retainer, take my medicine, and head off to my bed. Once in my room, I will lay out my clothes for the next day, lightly spray on some perfume, put on some Chapstick, turn on my humidifier, tuck in my dog, and then it’s time to go to sleep.

Anybody else living a crazy hectic daily routine right now? Also let me know below how you guys spend your evenings after work. Be sure to click the like button below and fill in your email address below so you won’t miss future posts. Also, be sure to check out the video linked below to see my March bullet journal spread.

Thanks for reading!



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