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Managing A Busy Schedule

Managing a busy schedule has become a must for me lately. Sometimes it feels like I am juggling three jobs, and the work can pile on pretty quickly. Between my actual work, my blog, my YouTube channel, a side project I am working on, and my home life, I feel like I am in the constant state of go go go. So where do you find the balance? How can I stay on top of all of these daily activities and not fall under the weight of it all? Well, I have come up with a few strategies on how I am able to maintain my sanity and achieve all of my goals. My simple answer: planning. This is my superpower! I love to plan, mostly because I can’t stand to feel unorganized. The secret to any busy schedule is inevitably planning and making the most of your time.

One tool I am using to accomplish just this is my one and only bullet journal. I highly recommend a bullet journal for anyone with a hectic schedule because you can craft it to your specific needs. I have crafted mine to include a weekly schedule as well as weekly upload schedules for my side projects. This has allowed me to stay more organized and give everything a place. Creating a bullet journal doesn’t have to be a s elaborate as the ones you see on YouTube; just craft it to your style and needs.

My iPad has also become my best friend through all of this. I am using my iPad’s calendar to track my daily tasks and schedules by providing myself with hourly deadlines. This is keeping me focused and on target. If my iPad calendar is Batman, then Google Docs is Robin because without this app I would truly be very lost. I have always used Google Docs for school group projects because it allows everyone to work on the same document without constantly having to share it, but I never realized how truly beneficial it could be for me. I have now started using it for blog posts so that no matter whether I have my laptop or my iPad, I can always be able to work on it. It really has become a very useful tool.

With a busy schedule, it is important to make good use of your free-time. Right now I am working 5 1/2 days a week (I work at a tax firm and it’s tax season), so my only free-time is my afternoons and Sundays. I make sure that my afternoons get dedicated to getting house chores done, working out, and working on my blog or editing a video. I then dedicate my Sundays to relaxation and leisure time by reading or working on something only if it brings me joy and comfort. For example, this last weekend, I tidied my bookshelves, which sounds like a chore, but I actually enjoy it. I also got a book page embosser, so that is something I will be working on this weekend. Super excited!

Is anyone else balancing a hectic schedule right now? If you have any more tips to add in, then feel free to let me know in the comments below! Also, let me know what posts you would like to see from me! I hope you enjoyed this week’s blog post and be sure to enter your email below to get notifications on future posts, and click that like button as well. Thanks for reading!



2 thoughts on “Managing A Busy Schedule”

  1. You read my mind with this one! I work mon-fri so for blogging I try to dedicate a whole Saturday or Sunday to write or plan etc but I struggle to stick with it! This was a helpful read thanks 😄

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