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The Perfect Book Accessories

When it comes to books and my bookshelves, I pride myself on the book accessories I have collected over the years. These range from bookshelf decor to actual book necessities. I have always taken real pride in making my bookshelves look decorative and elegant. I have acquired some cool finds to accomplish just that. I have also found some things that have made my reading experience even better than before. If you would like to see all of the book accessories you need, then keep on reading!


These are always a cool addition to any bookshelves. This can include anything from a Harry Potter wand and map to the coke can I found at Target that is the new coke and has Stranger Things on it. Props add some personality to your shelves and are very aesthetically pleasing. They can also be a great way to show your commitment to the fandom. I also have the Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans, a chocolate frog box, the collectible tub from Baskin Robbins that is Stranger Things-themed, No-Face and a soot sprite from Spirited Away, and some Harry Potter glasses.


This, to me, speaks volumes on Funk POPs. I have Harry Potter characters, Eleven, Selina Kyle (Gotham version), Queen Elizabeth and her corgi, Phoebe Buffay, Teen Wolf characters, Dwight Schrute and Prison Mike, and the new Grey’s Anatomy characters. I also have collectibles such as my souvenir Butterbeer mugs from Florida and London, the hat I bought in London, and the Twinnings tea I bought at Epcot. I even have my leftover currency from Europe and the sleeve from my Vieve eyeshadow pallet. Collectibles are always an easy add to bookshelves because they don’t take up a lot of room and they can go in front of the books. They are also nice for reminiscing over certain memories.


By aesthetic finds, I mean things as simple as fake succulents, a clock, pretty candles, a small globe, or even fake flowers and candles. I have all of these things on my shelves. They usually bring some bright colors to the mix and add in some extra zest. I also love aesthetic finds because when you eventually reorganize, these items can go wherever you want. They go with every story and can be put wherever is needed to fill space. I have picked these things up at Ross, Target, and Hobby Lobby mostly.


Moving on to the book-specific necessities, these are an obvious must and I have the best ones. I always love the handmade ones, such as Sasha Alsberg’s. These are always unique and have cute designs. If you like quote bookmarks, then Barnes N Noble is your new favorite place (if it wasn’t already) because they always have loads in the check-out lane. I have one with a wolf on it that has a quote about being free. My current favorites are magnetic bookmarks because they are small and easy to clip to the back pages of the book while you read, so you don’t have to sit your bookmark down anywhere. I have Harry Potter character ones and Friends ones that my friend got me for Christmas. Those can all be found on Amazon.


These are a new thing for me, but I have fallen hard and fast for them. The book darts are like little clip bookmarks that have pointers, so you can bookmark pages with favorite quotes and have them point straight at the quote. I have also loved transparent sticky notes as well for annotating without covering the words on the page. Both of these items were purchased on Amazon.


Another new and amazing purchase from Amazon was my new book embosser. I was able to personalize the book embosser to say “FROM THE LIBRARY OF KARMEN ALLISON” and I have officially embossed all of my books. I love it so much and it is super easy to do! They also make personalized book stamps, but I like the embosser better because I don’t have to worry about ghosting and it looks a lot cleaner. It was only like $30 and completely worth it if you are a book fanatic like me.


This was both a want and a need. I was very quickly running out of shelf room, thanks to BookTok, and this saved me. I have been putting overflow onto this cart on the bottom two shelves, and then I have both decor and book accessories on the top shelf. I put my classics on it, and then I have my bookmarks, stickies, embosser, and book darts on the top shelf as well as a wonderful cardboard stand with a picture of Michael B Jordan (I was the only single one at Friendsgiving, so I made a date. Of course I wasn’t just going to throw it out!) and a fake fern plant thing. I am hoping that by the time I run out of room again, I will be in my own place, and with more bookshelves!

My book accessories are what make my bookshelves so magical. I put a lot of effort into my shelves and I pride myself on the way they look. Organizing them may take forever, but it is so worth it! Let me know what book accessories are a staple in your life and if you think you might add any of these in. Be sure to click that like button and enter your email address below to get notifications on future posts. I hope you enjoyed this week’s blog post and I will see you next time! Thanks for reading!

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