Finding Inspiration and Motivation

Inspiration is something I am holding tight to right now. Whether it be through people I admire or things I can do or see for a touch of motivation, I am finding things to keep in my life for that extra bright light at the end of the tunnel. Some of you may know that I am on a weight-loss journey. I have lost nearly 30 pounds in 6 months and I am finally starting to feel comfortable in my skin. With 30 more pounds to go for my target weight, I am constantly looking for motivation and inspiration. There are some key things and people I can look to for just that. If you would like to see the things and people that inspire me, then keep on reading!


I have put Angie at the top of my list because I honestly don’t think I could reach any goals without her. From goal setting to goal conquering, Angie has been there to help through it all. I posted on my Instagram stories last week talking about why I always love her videos, but I just don’t think that truly did it justice. The tone on her channel is always positive, sunny, happy, and just plain fun! I have watched so many planning videos with her and I always walk away feeling a little bit more organized and accomplished. My laptop wallpaper is filled with my goals, and I created that with her help on this video. If you are looking for someone to show you the ropes of creating and accomplishing goals, then don’t hesitate to check her out! She will most likely be there to welcome you with a strapless romper and something Disney.


If you are looking for some strong women with boss babe attitudes, then this is your next show to binge and love! I am so sad to see it ending with the final season airing this year. This show has been such a huge inspiration for me. When it aired, I immediately related to these women. My favorite character is Jane, the writer (go figure). I share so many personality traits with her and her character arc in the first season is actually what inspired me to finally start my blog. So, you could see why this show is so special to me. I have heard from several entrepreneurs to imagine the negative voice in your head as a funny fictional character, such as Spongebob or Homer Simpson, but I always hear the opposite. I try to replace the negative thoughts with positive ones, and the voice is always Jane Sloan giving me the extra confidence boost. 


Books are a powerful weapon in the journey to inspiration. They are always supplying characters that will us to be more heroic and more motivated. If Katniss can take down a whole government, then I can get up and workout. Certain books will also inspire me in other ways, such as just plainly making me want to have more adventures. I have been reading the Throne of Glass series and I am needing a ball to attend and some knives to wield, desperately. 


Okay, I have to give a shout-out to my cousin Hallie. She is currently writing manga fan-fiction and I am so proud of her for putting out her writing. She will be uploading to Wattpad, and to my understanding, it is Attack On Titans fanfic. I, myself, do not watch the show, but I am happy to see her accomplish it. Her motivation to write this has inspired me to keep up with my writing. A dream of mine has always been to write my own YA book, but I have just never had the nerve to devote the time, but with her writing, and through some booktokers making their publishing dreams happen, I am looking to maybe get a start after tax season is over. 

Let me know in the comments, what is inspiring you right now and if any of these things are also motivating you. Be sure to click that like button and enter in your email below to get notifications on future posts. I hope you guys enjoyed this week’s post and I will see you next week! Thanks for reading!



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