My Blogger Interview with Stacey


For those of you who don’t know Stacey, owner of the blog Stacey Blogs, she is a 29-year-old woman with a passion for blogging and reading. We became blogger friends through Instagram and have slowly gotten to know each other over time. When she reached out through her Instagram stories about guest posts, I knew I wanted to join in! When I asked her, what made her want to be a blogger, she said, “We were in the first lockdown in the UK and I was feeling really reflective about life and things I wanted to do, so I researched blog platforms that night, came up with the name, and pressed publish.” She stated that it has been therapeutic for her to do something outside of work that she really enjoyed.

Stacey’s goal is to create a space for relatable, honest, and authentic content. She stated, “If someone reads something I write and says, ‘I thought it was just me that thinks like this,’ that’s a win for me.” Lockdown actually became a silver lining for Stacey as it gave her the time to think, create, and get her blog to a place she feels happy with. She added in, “for now,” which is entirely relatable. I know that I am always changing mine!

I asked Stacey what advice she would give to someone else wanting to start a blog and she said, “It’s simpler than you think to start, so go for it. Don’t get caught up on numbers, do it because you love it and allow room for error!” Outside of blogging, she loves to read. She spends a lot of time buying, reading, reviewing, and taking pictures of books for her Instagram. When asked what her favorite book of all time is, she said, “Jane Eyre – my literary hero. Everyone needs to read this.” Stacey also like to spend time with her family, as well as listening to music. She likes to make playlists for friends and family. “Anything with beautiful lyrics and I’m sold. If I am having a crappy day, going for a drive with music turned up loud is my therapy.”

The conclusion of my chat with Stacey included some fun facts. I asked her what was something that no one really knows about her and she said, “I have been known to be a pretty impulsive person, especially in my younger years, and have been known to quit my job with nothing lined, up or travelled around the world on a credit card. Very careless and would not necessarily recommend but it makes for some good stories! I’d like to say I’m far more mature now.” Her favorite movie is Notting Hill and her favorite tv show is Grey’s Anatomy, emotional distress and all. My final question for Stacey was about what a day in her life looks like. She told me about her days being pretty simple since she is still in lockdown. Work, walks, blogging, watching Netflix, and phone calls with friends is a typical day in her life.

I really enjoyed getting to know Stacey better with this guest post. It has been nice to have a blogger friend to do stuff like this with. If you would like to check out Stacey on socials, you can find her at @staceyblogs on Instagram and @stacelyblogs on Twitter and Pinterest. Be sure to check out her blog Stacey Blogs for some inspirational lifestyle content. I want to say a huge thanks to Stacey for being my co-writer on this guest post and for continuing to provide quality content. Also, if you would like to see her interview of me, then be sure to check out her blog.



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