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“Shadow and Bone” Netflix Review

To start out I would like to say that this show was absolutely stunning! It stayed pretty close to the story from the books. I am and forever will be in love with Ben Barnes, but that is beside the point. A fun fact about this show is that it hit Netflix on my birthday so my cousin came over and we watched the whole thing in one sitting and lived our best lives possible. With every great show, comes the backside where things were amiss. With my review I will be splitting it up by storyline and giving my review on the Shadow and Bone side (including Mal), the Crows side, and the Nina & Matthias side. I loved this show so much and I think it was very well executed!

Shadow and Bone

This side of the story was so on point it was actually insane. The few run-ins with the Crows were so incredibly weird, but the overall telling of the story remained true to the books. I will be the first to tell you that the Darkling would win me over so easily. You want me to be your Queen and rule by your side in evilness??? YES!!! I may get taken down by a hero in the end, but at least I am going down in style.

As far as character portrayal goes I think they got the actors spot-on. I am very happy with Ben Barnes, obviously, but everyone is pretty close to how I pictured them! As far as Mal goes, he has never been my favorite character, but I think the actor is already salvaging him for me. The one bone I do have to pick with the show is the fact that they give away The Darkling’s name too early. Like, no one calls him The Darkling and I don’t love it. If I had to read three books to find out his real name, then the viewers can wait three seasons to find out his true name!

The Crows

This was by far the best storyline in the show. We can all probably also agree that this duology was the better of the two series. I just love the Crows so much! Inej is my favorite character in all the Grishaverse. Obviously, this storyline is a little out of the left-field, but I consider it to be the prequel to Six of Crows. Especially with the Nina and Matthias storyline being set up. The character collisions between the two series were incredibly weird and I don’t know how I feel about the standoff between the Darkling and Kaz.

A positive side of this storyline was the add-in of a wonderful character, who truly became the star of the show. That, my friends, would be the one and only Milo. This little romance between Jesper and the goat was the funniest running joke of the whole show. I also can’t get the image of Kaz Brekker holding a tiny goat out of my head. The casting here was incredibly on point. Everyone is exactly how I pictured and I have no complaints.

I do like the way they set up their prequel because I think it keeps them from having to show any flashbacks while on their visit to the Ice Court. It also lines them up to end what will be Crooked Kingdom in line with what will be Ruin and Rising. I am excited to see Wylan introduced and see Matthias casting them all of the judgment.

Nina and Matthias

This storyline broke my heart in pieces! I knew how it would end, but it was lovely getting to see them stranded and huddling together. I would also love to shout out to this casting because they were the perfect amount of stubborn, sass, and brooding. This storyline is another reason I am glad they set the Crow storyline up as a prequel because we got to enjoy this time with Nina and Matthias instead of in brief flashbacks. I am just waiting for them to be trading insults on their journey to the Ice Court.

Overall I really loved the show and I give them a gold star for creativity with the storyline timelines. This Netflix adaptation gets a 10/10 from me as well. We have perfect casting, beautiful world-building, and hilarious commentary from all around. And who could forget the wonderful Milo! I really did love this show so much, and if you are looking for a new show to binge then you will love it too! I think they did such a smooth job that you could watch it without reading the books, but obviously, that is recommended 🙂

Be sure to let me know what your favorite storyline was below and why. Also, let me know your thoughts on the show in general. Be sure to click that like button and enter your email to receive notifications on future posts! My newest video upload is linked below if you would like to view my YouTube channel. See you next time! Thanks for reading!



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