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How To Survive Long Car Rides

Long car rides are incredibly annoying because it usually means you are on your way to a vacation. The time it takes to get there can be excruciating and sometimes immensely dull. You can get uncomfortable and restless so quickly! I have taken my fair share of long car rides before and I have come up with some simple tips on surviving the long car rides. There are just a few easy maneuvers I like to perform in order to stay entertained, happy, and alive.


This is one of my staples in traveling anywhere. I am one of those bookworms that has a book with her everywhere she goes. I never know when I will be bored and need some entertainment. Reading can be a great way to occupy your time on a long car ride if you aren’t prone to motion sickness. I will be traveling to the beach in a few weeks, so I am sure to put away at least 6 books during that week. This means I will definitely be reading on the drive down! I also find that if the book is good enough, the time will fly.


This may be an obvious one, but watching a movie or continuing a binge watch of he show your currently hooked on is a great entertainment source when traveling a big distance. I will be traveling with my cousins, so I am sure we will be watching a movie or two. One of my cousins is also a big Vampire Diaries fan, so I am sure her and I will be continuing on my rewatch of the supernatural drama.


Another obvious one, but comfortable clothes can make or break a long car ride. I always go with a pair of leggings and an oversized tee paired with Birkenstocks. The Birkenstocks are easy to remove in the car but not extensive to put back on when it’s time to stretch your legs. I also always pack an oversized hoodie and some cozy socks for curling up and in case I get cold. This comfy set up paired with a pillow and a blanket makes for a more comfortable ride.


Music is always my savior when going on a long car ride. I always make a playlist for every trip that is specifically made up of songs I am currently loving along with songs that will help pass the time. I also always have a sleep playlist made. I actually have a couple of options in that area. One playlist will be made up of slow songs that I can easily fall asleep to, and the other is actual sleep sounds in case I need some more coaxing. These will also come in use for me in the vacation since I will be sharing a room with my cousins. Best to be prepared for anyone who snores!

Long car rides are no fun for anyone involved, but their are ways to make it easier. Luckily my travel will be made more fun by being with family so we can also converse on the way. Don’t get me wrong, we will all definitely have our alone time in the car to listen to music, read, or stream. I have asked my uncle if we can sing Disney karaoke on the way. I was all prepared to sing Let It Go to my heart’s content when he landed with a firm no. Oh well, I will just have to sing it anyways and ask for forgiveness rather than permission. Good luck to all involved!

Be sure to enter your email below and subscribe to my blog for notifications on future posts. Also be sure to leave a comment below and let me know what your favorite things are to do on long car rides. I hope you enjoyed this week’s post and I will see you next time! Thanks for reading!


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