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My Beach Playlist

I leave for the beach very soon, so the playlist has officially been created for the sand and surf. This playlist ranges from country to pop to beach vibes. This playlist has been crafted by my cousins, my friend, and myself. We have everything from Katy Perry to Dolly Parton to Jonas Brothers to Weezer.

We have officially tapped out at 120 songs. This gives us plenty to shuffle through so the same songs don’t play over and over every day. If you would like to listen to my beach playlist, then click the link below to listen to mine on Apple Music. If you would like to create your own, then keep on reading for my tips and tricks on creating your own beach playlist.

My Beach Playlist

How To Create Your Own

A basic tip on creating a great beach playlist, can be making sure every song is upbeat. No one really likes slow songs on the beach. I am also not a country song person at all, but country songs do make for good beach songs. Some good artists to include are Dolly Parton, Reba McEntire, and Luke Bryan. I also like to include songs from the Jonas Brothers, Katy Perry, Jain, and Harry Styles. These artists have a lot of upbeat songs perfect for the beach vibe.

Make sure to include a mixture of genres and at least five hours of songs. This way you can achieve what I mentioned earlier and not hear the same songs on shuffle over and over. I also like to include songs everyone can sing along to, so I have included some songs by N’SYNC and songs from The Greatest Showman soundtrack. I hope this helps you to create the perfect beach playlist! Let me know below what songs you are adding into your playlist. Also, be sure to like this post and subscribe to my blog for notifications on future posts.


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