2021 Continued…

We are over halfway through 2021, and while the first half has been amazing and filled with so many memories, there is still more to come. The rest of this year will by no means be boring. I have some exciting adventure coming up as well as some quality family time. Two of my adventures will definitely be vlogged for my YouTube channel so be sure to keep an eye out and subscribe to my channel. I absolutely can not wait to embark on part two of 2021 and here is why…


Coming up in September, my parents and I are taking a quick trip to Nashville to attend an Eric Clapton concert. I personally am the most excited about eating Shake Shack! We only live about three hours outside of Nashville, so we are just staying the one night. I am just happy to be back at a concert and to be able to take a fun trip!


I am finally doing it! I am finally getting a tattoo! My cousin and I are going late September to get them. This will be her second and it will be my first. What am I getting you ask? Well, it may come as a huge shock, but I am getting a Harry Potter tattoo. Yes I know, it shocks me too. I am planning to get the page stars on my wrist. If you are unfamiliar, it is the stars at the top corners of the pages in the books. I am excited to use this as a way to commemorate the Harry Potter trip I took to Europe in 2017 as well as my love for books and my side gig with MuggleNet as a staff editorialist.

Covington, GA

This is going to be one heck of girl’s weekend. My cousin Karli, one of my best friends Emily, and I are taking a long weekend trip to Covington in October for Karli’s fall break. I can not wait! As I am sure you guessed it, we are going to see The Vampire Diaries filming spots. We are also planning to visit Conyers, GA to see filming locations for The Originals. Very excited to eat at the Mystic Grille and drink fruit punch from a blood bag.


If you don’t already know, Halloween is my favorite holiday. The movies, the vibe, the colors, the music, the weather, all of it. I just love this season so much and I can’t wait to decorate my office and start my watch-list. I am thinking about actually dressing up to go somewhere this year, but I haven’t settled on a costume quite yet. Hallie and I were thinking about Sarah Cameron and JJ, but I am leaning more towards Hufflepuff student. I know there will be plenty of Wandas and Variants.

Universal Studios

This is what I am looking the most forward to this year. I will be spending Christmas at Hogwarts this year for a December trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Hallie is getting to come with me and my parents as we dress in our house sweaters, sip Butterbeer, perform silly incantations and foolish wand waving, and become welcomed home by Hogwarts. I can not wait and I am so happy to spend the time with family. Hallie and I will be nerding out for sure! (Vlog to follow)

The Holidays

Thanksgiving and Christmas are always a great time spent with family. My family is pretty traditional, so both holidays will be spent at my grandparents house as everyone comes to eat and open presents together. It’s just such a cozy vibe. I also LOVE decorating my office for Christmas and putting up my Hufflepuff tree. The music is also immaculate.



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