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10 Podcasts You’re Missing Out On

If you love podcasts, then be sure to check these out! These selections will cover everything from Harry Potter, to One Tree Hill, to The Office, to regular quality advice. I love listening to these every week and just feeling more well-rounded and accomplished. If you would like to see all of the podcasts I am loving, then keep on reading!

Into the Fold

This podcast is all about a reread and exploration of Shadow and Bone. If you love the Grishaverse, then give this a listen; it is immensely entertaining!

All the Books!

For all my book lovers, this one is a weekly chat about new releases and anticipated reads.

Currently Reading

This one is also for the book lovers and one of my new favorites. In this podcast, they discuss their latest reads and give suggestions. It’s so much fun!

Harry Potter and the Sacred Text

For all my fellow Harry Potter nerds, this one is perfect for you. If you have not yet given this a listen, be sure to check it out. They go chapter by chapter diving into the details of the characters and storyline.

Drama Queens

This has been my absolute favorite this year. Peyton Sawyer, Brooke Davis, and Haley James-Scott are reunited as Hilarie, Sophia, and Joy reminisce each episode of One Tree Hill. I have loved getting to hear all of the behind the scenes moments and what made the show so special. B Davis for President!!!

Kalyn’s Coffee Talk

This one is for my cosmic and spiritual people. While Kalyn discusses horoscopes and spiritual appreciation, she also dives into girl talk and female guidance. Listen to this for a chill podcast!

How To Become A Main Character

Ever wanted to become the main character of your life? I’ve got all of the tips on how you can go on your own epic adventure worthy of a YA novel.

Gals on the Go

I love this podcast because it is purely female and filled with advice, stories, and tips and tricks.

Office Ladies

Office fans will love this one. Angela and Pam reunite for Angela (yes that’s actually her name) and Jenna give us all of the behind the scenes to one of the most popular shows to ever hit TBS and Netflix.


Harry Potter fans will also thoroughly enjoy this in-depth Harry Potter podcast. Show-runners go into details on the books, characters, and plot lines. This podcast is also a MuggleNet podcast and is only one of many. If you are interested in more Harry Potter podcasts, be sure to give the other MuggleNet podcasts a listen!

Donuts Dumbbells & Dreams

If you love Angie Bellemare on YouTube, then you will love her podcast which is filled with all the entrepreneur advice you could ever need!

I love to listen to podcasts while doing other tasks! These are the ones I ALWAYS put on; they are entertaining and inciteful. While I definitely love others, these are my top ten favorites. What are some other podcasts that you love to listen to? Let me know in the comments below, and be sure to subscribe to my blog for more. If you haven’t already, be sure to also subscribe to my YouTube channel. I also have links below to my Instagram, TikTok, and MuggleNet posts page.



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