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14 Bookish Must-Haves from Amazon

Needing some bookish items to give as gifts? Just looking to spruce up your reading area and bookshelves? These bookish items are perfect gifts and are also perfect for creating the aesthetic you desire! Each of these items can be found on Amazon and are perfect for any bookworm currently stuck on an endless cycle of booktoks! Let me know below if any of these items are on your wish list and if you have any other bookish items you are currently drooling over.


This one is an obvious one! If you are buying for someone, ask them to send you their Amazon wish list. If they are a book worm, I guarantee you they have a wish list on Amazon. If you are buying for yourself and don’t know what to buy, then I suggest searching BookTok and BookTube for the latest popular reads. Or simply go to Goodreads or Book Riot and look at what’s trending. I recently signed up for Book of the Month and am loving it so far. That is also always an option for yourself or another. MY BOOK WITH LIST

Funko Pops

This is an easy one. Pretty much every fandom has a Funko POP out. There are also different versions of certain characters. Take Harry Potter for example; there are tons of different styles of Harry. There is a Quidditch one, Christmas sweater version, pajama version, school robes version, and even movie scene specific versions. These are great gifts and make for fun bookshelf decor.


This one doesn’t necessarily coordinate with your bookshelves, but they are still bookish must-haves for bookworms. Amazon even has the ones with Velaris on them. We all know that’s the dream place to live.

Magnetic Bookmarks

I love love love my magnetic bookmarks. You will never lose it or your place. They snap together around the page and don’t fall out. When I take mine of the page, I snap mine to a page in the back so I really won’t lose it. If you are reading a paperback, you can snap it to the back cover. You can find these in all sorts of themes. From Harry Potter, to Friends, to animals. to plants, Amazon has plenty to choose from!

Book Sprouts

These are another obsession of mine. I saw these on BookTok one day and knew I needed them. They are rubber so they don’t lose shape and don’t break. I also love that I can use them like an actual bookmark and leave it poking out the top, or I can put it in the center and it looks like it’s blooming out of the book. Both ways hold my place and they don’t fall out.

Book Darts

These are a newer thing for me, but I have not looked back. I use book darts to save a page with a favorite scene or line. Whether it’s a character being introduced, an important moment in a character arc, or an exciting incident, I mark it so it is easy to reread my favorite moments again and again.


This is a new bookish item for me. I don’t have one yet, but I want one badly. They are fake of course, but I want to have a pretty one to display with my Throne of Glass books. Amazon has some really cool looking ones. Also great for any cosplay.


This is another new one that I don’t yet have. Who doesn’t want to own a crown to walk around in. Plus, great for display and cosplay. I personally want to feel like the Queen of Terrasen, or even High Lady of the Night Court.

Book Art

This is one I thoroughly enjoy because it’s fun to see how people have picture different characters and scenes. You almost get a glimpse inside their heads. Book art can be anything from fan art, creative profiles, and even inside jokes. For example, there is a print you can buy advertising Honeydew and it is in reference to a line from From Blood and Ash (ifykyk).

Transparent Sticky Notes

These have been staples in my life. I never leave home without a book and therefore never leave home without my transparent sticky notes. These are perfect for annotating books without actually marking in your book. Plus, since they are clear, you can still see the page beneath.


These are a new discovery. There are actually candles out there that smell like your favorite fictional characters. They have even created themed candles for certain books and setting. I definitely need the Rowan Whitethorn candle asap!


This is a broad category, but it covers everything from pins, to wands, to souvenir mugs. I have Butterbeer mugs from Universal Orlando and the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London marking my travels. I also have a wand and the Bertie Bott’s box on my shelves as well. Outside of that fandom, I have a feather sitting next to my Throne of Glass books (buzzard) and I have a Stranger Things themed Baskin Robins container with my Stranger Things books. I also have my Mockingjay pin with my Hunger Games books and a hat I got in London with my books about Queen Elizabeth II.


This one may be obvious, but graphic tees are a major must-have for book worms! These are also a great way to make friends at a bookstore. They will strike up conversation for you! Harry Potter is a fandom with plenty of graphic tees out there, but it’s not too hard to find some others. An optional site to look into in addition to Amazon is the Bookish Shop.

Be sure to visit the links below and follow me on my socials! Also be sure to let me know below what some of your favorite bookish items are! Thanks for reading! See you next week!

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