Tips and Tricks

A Cozy Night Routine

Who else is ready for fall? I am one of those people that gets immediately sucked into spooky season the minute September first rolls around. Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday and I love love love fall. The weather is amazing and I get to wear sweaters and boots. We also get pumpkin spiced and fall scented everything! In getting into the fall spirit, I have developed a cozy night routine. This routine is sure to get you settled for the night and living the “That Girl” lifestyle.

If it is a work day, the first thing I do is unpack my bag from the day. This includes plugging up my laptop to charge and pulling out my book to read a little bit more before bed. After that, I will fill up my water bottle to sip on it before bed. If it is not a work day, I will just tidy up from the week’s untidiness. This consists of putting things away and doing some light laundry.

The rest of my cozy night routine covers any day of the week. I will start out by taking out my bullet journal, journal, and Hufflepuff journal. I will make sure I have the next day planned out in my bullet journal and write my daily prompts in my journals. The Hufflepuff journal is guided and my other is a regular journal and I pull prompts from Pinterest.

After I have completed these tasks, I take my bath/shower. An extra perk I like to add in is my TreeHut body scrub and a face mask. If I am taking a bath, I will add bubble bath, bath salts, and a bath bomb. After my soaking session, I will change into some comfy pajamas and my fuzzy socks. I will then light a candle and grab my book or laptop. The rest of the evening will be spent reading or watching tv before it is time for bed.

Once it’s time for bed, I will unplug my office string lights and refill my water bottle for the night. I will then lay out my clothes for the next day and make sure everything is plugged up to charge. After that, I do my skincare and turn down my bed. After turning on my humidifier and tucking Sammie into his spot on my bed, I turn out the light and turn on my sleep playlist.

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