Life Update

2021 definitely didn’t have the best start with the first two weeks being spent in quarantine with COVID. It sucked royal hippogriff! During this time, I was able to get a head start on a couple of goals for the year. While the rest of the year hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing, it has been a very productive year overall. I have accomplished many goals this year, including my reading goals, my health, a dream job, some new habits, new movies to see, and new shows to binge.


This year, I had a major goal of reading 40 books. This goal has already been completed with me on book number 44, and it’s only September. I have also made a deal with myself that if I don’t buy any more books this year, and work at tackling my extensive TBR, I am going to treat myself with a major books shopping spree at the end of the year. So far, so good! Overall, I am very happy with the way my reading has gone this year.


This goal has had its ups and downs. I have lost some weight this year, and even though my workout routine has faltered here and there, I have maintained a semi-steady exercise routine. Mental health has been a major priority this year, especially with the new variants coming out. While I am vaccinated, it is still a scary thing. This year has been my time to focus on me and constantly check in with myself. I have tried to be more consistent in journaling and performing small acts of self care such as a face mask or enjoying a nice cup of tea.


For those unfamiliar, MuggleNet is the #1 Harry Potter fan site. It has been a dream of mine to work with them since 2017 and this year that dream became reality. I have been working with them as a staff editorialist since February (ended training in May) and have loved every minute of it. I have been able to make some great friends from all over the world, and I am absolutely on cloud nine with the community I now share in. It is a lot of hard work and dedication, but the subject makes it all worth it.

New Habits

These new habits have been very small changes, but they have made a huge impact in my year. I have started regularly visiting my cousins, aunt, and uncle every Friday for movie/game night. We share a driveway so the commute is extremely minimal. We started doing this a little last year with me visiting to get a change of scenery from being cooped up in my house. It became a regular weekly thing when Wandavision aired, and it continued from there with the other new adaptations. We are now on a weekly Harry Potter viewing since none of them have ever seen them.

Another new habit has been my mornings before work. I now wake up an extra thirty minutes early to give myself the time to sit and sip a cup of hot tea. This gives me time to wake up and give a positive start to my day. While there are further habits I would like to develop, this is a great start.


This year has been my year for viewing new and old favorites. I have had several movies saved over the past few years that I had yet to watch, but eventually wanted to get to. This year, I have made it priority to expand on my “me time” and allow myself the occasional lazy evening. I have watched some great ones this year such as In The Heights, Crazy Rich Asians, Birds of Prey, and Ready Player One. Movies are one of my major interests; I love getting sucked into a good movie!


This has been my year for bingeing! During my spout with COVID in January, I tackled the trending Netflix dramas, The Queen’s Gambit, Emily In Paris, and Bridgerton, all within two weeks. I have also finished off some good ones that I have been procrastinating on such as The Originals and The Umbrella Academy. I have seen so many good shows this year and it has been nice to finally tackle my watch lists instead of constantly rewatching my comfort shows.

Overall, my year is going pretty well. While there are still plenty of things going on in the world that are certainly unsettling, it is important to time time to reflect. Take time for yourself. You only get one life and one body, so treat it like the King/Queen you are!

Be the change you want to see in the world.

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