The Fall Vibes are Here

Fall is pretty much upon us and I couldn’t be more excited. With the cozy season coming, it’s time to get out those sweaters, pull out those cute boots, and pop on the spooky season playlist. Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday, and I can’t wait to turn on Hocus Pocus and curl up in my fuzzy socks, sweats, and oversized pullover. If you didn’t know, last year I did blogtober in which I did spooky themed blog posts. This year, I will be doing the same with two posts a week, all centered around getting into the spooky season vibes.

Kicking off the month will be a little bit about why I love spooky season, followed by books to read, the best movies to watch, bookish costume ideas, tv episodes to watch, how to make a Halloween themed iPhone screen, how to get the cozy spooky season aesthetic, rating fictional halloween movie characters, the best snacks, and my plans for Halloween. To get notifications when these posts go live, be sure to subscribe to my blog and follow me on my Instagram.

I will also be two videos a week on my YouTube channel for YouTober. Those will start out with my TBR for October, followed by videos to correspond with my blog posts. I will also be carving pumpkins with family, posting a vlog of my trip to Covington, and a couple others. To get notifications when those go live, be sure to subscribe to my channel!

Personally, my favorite thing about fall is the outfits. I just have such cuter outfits for colder weather. Boots, jeans, sweaters, cardigans, scarves, and coats. Fall is a vibe I wish were year round. Living in Tennessee, you never know what the weather will be, but I am hoping for a real fall this year. Last year, we basically went straight into winter. I can feel the weather starting to change here and I am just ready for it to be official enough for me to change out my summer clothes in my closet. Fingers crossed for a quick change in weather!

Be sure to subscribe to my blog for notifications on future posts and be sure to let me know down below what your favorite thing is about fall? Like this post and follow me on my socials and I will see you next week! Thanks for reading!

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