Why Spooky Season is Superior

This is my absolute favorite time of the year! As I write this, I am listening to “Exploration” from the Coraline soundtrack, which perfectly sets the mood for spooky season. As I said in my last blog post, I am posting two posts a week for Blogtober and two videos a week for YouTober. Be sure to subscribe to this blog and my channel to get notifications when my posts and videos go live. Every post and video will be centered around spooky season and all things Halloween.

Spooky season is my favorite time of the year due simply to the fact that it has my favorite weather and vibe. I love classic Halloween movies and all things pumpkin flavored. I also just really love fall and the outfits that get paired with it. Who doesn’t love sweaters and boots???

With spooky season upon us, I am pulling out my winter clothes, wearing cozy sweats, curling up with my hot tea and a good book, and putting on aesthetically pleasing music on my record player. In fact, I am currently writing this in my reading/writing room with comfy sweats on, Halloween music on, surrounded by my bookshelves with the fairy lights strung and turned on, and a candle burning. This time of year has all of the cozy vibes!

One thing I am particularly excited about this year is to see all of the bookish costumes I am sure will be surfacing due to Maas mania. Also, all of the good transitions on TikTok. I am already loving this trend going around on what you would look like at the beginning vs end of a series. These transitions are so cool! You can expect my TikTok to soon feature some fun spooky season themed videos!

Why do you love spooky season? Let me know below and be sure to stay tuned for all things blogtober this month!

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