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The Best Halloween Movies

Halloween movies are my favorite movies. I am, of course, talking about the classics (not horror). I am in no way a horror movie fan and like to watch the classic movies from my childhood. These are the movies that constantly aired on Disney Channel and ABC Family (now Freeform). These are the movies I grew up on and I still adore to this day. Some of these movies hold my favorite fictional characters and remain inspirations of fantasy, adventure, and magic.


When Coraline goes looking for excitement in her new home, she quickly bites off more than she can chew. When she discovers a parallel universe to her own in which everything is filled with more excitement and fun, it quickly turns dark when her Other Mother and Other Father want her to stay forever. In order to escape back to her own world, she must help rescue the other children who have been trapped and outwit her Other Mother at her own games.

Halloweentown, Halloweentown II, & Halloweentown High

Marnie Piper has always felt out of place in her family and doesn’t understand why her mother hates Halloween so much. When Marnie’s Grandma, Aggie, visits on Halloween night, Marnie discovers she is a Cromwell witch. Her, her brother Dylan, and her sister Sophie then sneak out and follow their grandmother back to Halloweentown, a town filled with magical creatures. Something isn’t quite right with the town and people keep disappearing. The Cromwells must now work together to defeat the darkness and Marnie must embrace her new powers.

The Addams Family & Addams Family Values

These classic films follow the very odd Addams family and their quirky ways. Follow the family as they embrace their Uncle Fester who has returned from the dead and harbors a secret of his own.

Haunted Mansion

Workaholic Jim Evers takes his family on a vacation to prove to his wife he can spend time with his kids. On their way to their destination, they stop at a mansion Jim has been asked to sell and discover it’s a little more than he bargained for. The house is haunted by Master Gracey and his inhabitants who need help breaking the curse on the mansion. Will he break it, or will his family suffer the consequences?

Twitches & Twitches II

Alex and Cami are twin witches who are reunited after they were separated as infants. They must work together to destroy The Darkness, a dangerous force reeking havoc upon Coventry. These twins don’t share a lot in common apart from their magic, so will they be able to work out their differences to save the day?

The Corpse Bride

With an arranged marriage between Victor Victoria on the horizon, Victor flees to practice his vows when he stumbles into the forest. While practicing his speech, he accidentally reawakens the very dead Emily and is sucked into the underworld as her new husband. Victor must return to the living before Victoria marries the savage Barkis Bittern.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack Skellington is the Pumpkin King of Halloweentown, but he is bored of the same annual ritual of scaring people in the “real world.” In search of something new, he discovers Christmastown and decides to become the new Sandy Claws. Things quickly get out of hand when Jacki discovers there is more pressurebto Christmas than he thought.

Hocus Pocus

Max and his sister Dani are new in Salem, Massachusetts and Max is discovering that Halloween is a big deal around here. When him, his sister, and his crush Allison sneak into an abandoned house in which they accidentally bring back a sinister coven of witches. They must now befriend a talking cat and keep the witches’ spell book hidden until morning to keep the witches from staying immortal. Will they succeed or will the witches steal the souls of all the children and stay immortal?

A Very Potter Musical & A Very Potter Sequel

This hilarious StarKid musical is a retelling of the magical story we all know and love- with a few twists. These musicals create several plot holes in the original story, but with elaborate dancing, an unconventional Dumbledore, and a Harry that’s too cool for school, this musical is utterly magical.

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