DIY: October BUJO Spread

Today’s blog post is fulfilling your October spooky season aesthetic needs. We may be well into the month already, but there is no harm in adding these spreads to you October BUJO spread. I am obsessed with the way this month’s spread turned out and I hope you will use it in your spread or even save it for next year.

What You’ll Need

  • Bullet Journal (mine is from Archer and Olive)
  • Tombow Dual Brush Pens (or any soft tip markers)
  • ZIG Calligraphy Markers (or any hard tip markers)
  • Micron Pens (or any bullet journaling pens)
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Ruler

The Cover

For October, I obviously went with the Halloween theme. I chose a quote from Halloweentown for the left page and alternated Halloween font and calligraphy. I also added in some stars and some dots to random spaces on the page to add a little extra decoration. I used a purple ZIG calligraphy marker on “Normal,” an orange Tombow Pen on “Overrated,” and a Micron pen in 05 for the rest.

For the right page, I created a frayed banner with “OCTOBER” in Halloween font in the center. I then doodled various Halloween symbols. I arranged the symbols to flow diagonally, following the lead of the cauldron smoke. I used gold, purple, and orange on both pages to utilize Halloween colors. I also added dots and stars to the right page to create a splatter effect and fill in some of the empty spaces between doodles. All of the outlining and words were done in an 08 Micron pen, and the rest was done with Tombow pens.

Goals and Habit Tracker

This page was very fun to make! I created two rows of 16 blocks, for all six habit trackers. I started the top box two dots down and started on the first dot from the right. the blocks are three dots apart. I used a Micron pen in 005 for the numbers, Tombow pens for the labeling, a Micron pen in 08 for the boxes, and a black Tombow pen for the drop shadows.

For the doodles, I drew the line one dot over from the boxes. “Habit Tracker” is written with a black Tombow pen. The doodles are all outlined with a Micron pen in 03, and filled in with Tombow pens in various fall colors. For these doodles, I drew fall symbols as well as Halloween symbols.

My goals page, which is not shown, has headers with “Goals,” “TBR,” “Next Month,” “Highlights,” and “Important” all done with Tombow pens in orange and purple banners. I used a Micron pen in 05 to write the headers over the orange and purple banners. This page already had some of my information filled in, so I didn’t get a picture when it was still blank.

Weekly Layouts

My weekly layouts are fairly simple. I fit one week per page, so four pages in total for four weeks. Each page has the date range in the top left written with a Micron pen in 08, alternating purple and orange banners for each day, and then the days and dates are done with a Micron pen in 03. Each day is 8 dots apart and they are split down the very center of the page. I will then use unfilled circles as bullet points and once the task is complete, I fill in the circle. And that’s all!

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