My Plans for Halloween

My Halloween will not be spent walking around and trick or treating. It will instead be spent in my coziest PJs and watching movies. I am a sucker for Halloween movies and definitely have my favorites. I have certain movies that I always save for Halloween night. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out my movie list on my Blogtober page.

Halloween day will be spent getting cozy and reading my book in my reading chair with a hot tea and a candle lit. I will also be watching a couple of YouTube videos to get me into the fall vibes and just downright chilling. Halloween day is reserved for me to get cozy and maybe be a little productive. I will also probably be watching a few of my favorite Halloween TV specials.

Halloween night is when the spooky vibes come out. Around 4:00 I will head down to our movie room and get the movies started. I will, of course have plenty of snacks, and be ready to settle in for the night. As far as movies go, I always save Halloweentown High and Coraline for Halloween night as well as a rewatch of Hocus Pocus. These are my top 3 favorites and I always love watching them on the night.

Throughout the month I will watch my other movies and TV specials, but my plans for Halloween are always the same. Down time and then movie and snack time. So tuck in, and enjoy spooky season for one more night. Be sure to keep an eye out on my Instagram story if you would like to follow along with my Halloween plans.

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