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Holiday Traditions

When it comes to family traditions, my family is the best. Every year we do the same activities, eat at the same place, and watch the same movies. The months of November and December are very traditional and have a great routine. Without these traditions, the holidays would not feel the same.


Meals are the biggest tradition we have. Thanksgiving is always hosted at Mimi’s, and after the meal, my cousins and I always play pool downstairs. Christmas Eve always comes with a breakfast at Mimi’s with a Christmas lunch in the same place the next day. Thanksgiving and Christmas always come with ham, turkey, dressing, stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, and cranberries. Christmas Eve breakfast is always biscuits and gravy with bacon and sausage. Just thinking about the good food is making my stomach growl.


Present time is always done on Christmas morning at my house with me and my parents. This is followed by everyone meeting at Mimi’s to open more presents before the lunch tradition. My brother and his family usually stop by later that day along with my grandparents to do their gift exchange. I usually then have plans to meet with my friends either the weekend before or after to do our gift exchange. I love giving presents to people and seeing their reactions.


My dad and I always do our gift shopping together on a weekend in November. This is a tradition I look forward to all year. This is the day for both of us to get some last-minute shopping done along with the shopping for mom. We also get to eat out and usually top the day off with a movie at the theaters. This year is extra special since last year we didn’t get to do it.


This tradition is much like my Halloween tradition. I have certain movies I always watch this time of year. Many of them, dad will watch with me. Next week’s post will have my full list of Holiday movies I watch every year. Some of them include The Polar Express, Annie (the Alicia Morton one only – the superior!), and National Lampoons: Christmas Vacation. Dad and I always watch Christmas Vacation and Elf together every year. Holiday movies are the best way to put you in the cozy season vibe!

What are your favorite holiday traditions?

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