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New Habits to Adopt This Year

2022 is here. Time to be busy. I have crafted my New Years Resolutions and I am off to a great start with conquering the goals I have set. Setting these goals and working to complete them means creating new habits. These habits will help me to maintain the progress on my goals and resolutions. They will also help you to create your own habits or develop the same ones as me.

We all know resolutions can be very hard to keep up with, so how do we make the impossible, possible?

You don’t have to be extreme. Just consistent.

This is a quote I have saved to my Pinterest vision board. I also take inspiration from this due to the video Angie Bellemare recently uploaded on her fitness tips. This was a major talking point in her video and I definitely agree with the tactic. Being consistent will create a habit and then it will no longer be a chore.

For me, this specifically refers to fitness. In putting this quote into action, you don’t have to do full workouts and a crash diet every day in order to get fit. You only need to be consistent in your routine. Angie made it simple in saying that you only have to do at least 10 minutes of something every day. Even if it’s just stretching, moving your body for 10 minutes every day will create a habit in your routine and train your body to being more active.

This reasoning can be applied to any goal. For example, some of my major goals this year involve writing and reading. Reading or writing for 10 minutes every day will create a habit and will make sure I stay on track to completing my resolutions in 2022.

Another habit I am hoping to break in for 2022 is saving money. I can do this by taking 10 minutes every morning to pack a lunch for work, so I don’t have to eat out or spend the gas coming home for lunch. I can also conquer this goal by keeping my savings goals and rewards in mind. I have created rewards for myself in order to make me strive for my savings goals. Book hauls and shopping sprees can be great motivators.

What is a habit you hope to create in 2022, and will the 10-minute rule help you to tackle it?

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