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My New Outlook On Fitness

Okay. So, clearly I fell off the wagon last year since it has been over a year since I posted “My Weight-Loss Journey: Part One” and I have yet to post part two. I still plan to someday post that part two when I finally meet my goal. Since the posting of that first update, I have fallen off my workout routines, bounced on and off the diet, and just not focused on my fitness at all.

I am here today to update you on where I am at on this fitness journey. I have finally broken down and joined a fitness program. I am never one to join these programs because it makes me nervous to pay for a service that I might not stick with. With that said, I have been a follower of Angie Bellemare’s YouTube channel for a very long time now. Followers of Angie will know that YouTube is her side business and her actual business is a fitness company called FitGym.

Her program operates through Beachbody and she provides the community and social groups for updates and tracking. As a long-time follower, I have wanted to look into the FitGym for a long time, but I just really never thought into it that far.

A few weeks ago, I finally looked into it and long story short, I am now a member of the FitGym. I have been in it for a week now and it truly is such a supportive community to be in. The price is EXTREMELY reasonable for a year of services and provided materials. Angie also provides a virtual academy to educate you on nutrition, goals, and exercises. It is such a well-rounded program and I can’t recommend it enough.

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