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Reflecting on Twenty-Four

Oddly enough, I will be celebrating my birthday all around the actual day of my birthday. I celebrated with work on Wednesday, I celebrated with friends and family last night, and I am celebrating with my parents as we leave for Charleston, NC tomorrow. With nothing planned for today, I will be spending it in a way that anyone who knows me knows I am perfectly content with – reading my book with a cup of hot tea and my dog at my feet.

I am also spending this free time to reflect on twenty-four years of life. I have definitely grown as an individual and created an amazing circle of supporters in my life. I have decided to finally chase some dreams and have definitely trained my eyes on some major goals. So, with this reflection in mind, I have decided to list the 24 things I am most grateful for in my life.

  1. My friends and their never-ending support
  2. My cousins are more like siblings
  3. My parents have never failed to support and love me
  4. My close-knit family
  5. My MuggleNet family constantly shows support in every aspect of life
  6. Working with people from all over the world
  7. My Muggle job and my coworkers who always make the workday a joy
  8. The books I have read over the years have helped me to escape, even if it’s just for a moment or two
  9. The world of Harry Potter for literally changing my life
  10. All of the fictional characters that have left a mark on me in some way
  11. My creative mindset for always making life more fun
  12. This blog for giving me a space to express my thoughts
  13. Angie Bellemare and the FitGym for giving me the courage to make my health my first priority
  14. My bullet journaling for helping me to plan everything out in my most creative and fun way
  15. The Bold Type for giving me the courage to finally pursue my dreams
  16. My college education for make my future a lot brighter
  17. Coffee and tea always make my day better
  18. My comfort shows and movies for making the moment a little cozier
  19. My untitled project for helping make dreams a reality
  20. Those who are aware of the untitled project and who will be among the first to lay eyes on the said project (you know who you are)
  21. My bookstagram for helping me connect with fellow book lovers from around the world
  22. My family’s love of traveling and getting to visit new places
  23. The ability to pursue my Master’s online this Fall at Tennessee Wesleyan University
  24. These 24 years of being able to laugh until I can’t breathe, dream up endless possibilities, and surround myself with the most amazing people.

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