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A Post-Trip Review of Charleston, SC

Have you ever been to Charleston, SC? Well, I had never been before this recent visit. I want to start out by saying that I truly enjoyed it! It was one of the best exploration trips I have had in a while. I love a trip where I get to see new things, go to new places, and generally explore a new city. As a lover of Savannah, GA I had always been told to visit Charleston, and I can now say that I think I actually prefer Charleston. It felt like there was genuinely more to do and see.

This trip had an added bonus. As big fans of Outer Banks on Netflix, my dad and I were pretty excited to see some popular filming spots. A fun fact, is that we never actually planned to go to any of the locations; we got to these places and were like, “hey this looks familiar.” I will have all of the pictures in this post. Our first major spot was Shem Creek which is where they shot some boating scenes, Heyward’s Seafood, and The Wreck. We had planned to go here for the soul purpose of how neat the spot looked, but quickly discovered some major spots from the show. It’s always weird to be somewhere you’ve only ever seen through a tv screen.

Another cool thing about Shem Creek is that shrimp boats come and go from the ports, so we were able to watch some dolphins from up close. We also ate at Red’s and I definitely recommend! Another cool OBX discovery was on the day we decided to visit the shops downtown and stumbled upon the Ben Silver from season one. Yes, I did pay a visit to H&M and yes, I spent money. We were also downtown to check out Buxton Books, an independent bookstore. I love visiting small bookshops when I go to a new place. They often have the coolest stuff, and I definitely bought some books here. Fellow bookworms, pay them a visit!

Our final OBX discovery was actually from a bridge, on our way to the tea plantation. We thought we saw Sarah’s house and pier (spoiler, it was the wrong one, but it prompted the address to be entered into the GPS). Going to the Cameron residence and seeing it, even from afar, was so cool! Yes, I did take pictures of the wall because, you know, they stood there lol!

Outside of “Paradise on Earth,” we really enjoyed the city and going in and out of small businesses. The market was amazing! I kept waiting for it to end, but it just kept going. If you are a fan of homemade items and unique finds, then be sure to check out The Market. It is a mile long building with booths and tables set up by local vendors.

We also enjoyed checking out the Angel Oak Tree and seeing the massive trunk and limbs. If you travel to Charleston, just be sure to set aside time to downright explore. There are all kinds of things to see, and plenty of things to do. Also, be sure to hunt down some good food. Our favorites on this trip were Hyman’s Seafood and Fleet Landing (request the outside). Seafood, seafood, and more seafood!

Have you been to Charleston, SC? What is your favorite thing to do/see there?

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