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How To Become A Main Character

This week’s blog post is sponsored by a TikTok I currently have sitting in my drafts. With BookTok growing bigger and bigger every day, I figured now would be a fun time to write a new post about how you can become the main character in your own story. A good main character makes you actually jealous of their life-threatening situation. They make you want your own adventure with devilishly handsome men, magical creatures, epic battles, and magic.

  1. Read in public, making “bookworm” your entire personality.
  2. Write in public, but don’t show anyone and harbor the fact that you want to be a writer.
  3. Make witty comments and remarks your default.
  4. Make sure to have something in your past that can be defined as a tragic backstory.
  5. Find a beautiful man that you absolutely can not stand and stay in a room with only one bed.
  6. Take some boxing/self-defense lessons to be prepared for the day you have to save the world.
  7. Find a mystery to solve, a villain to take down, or great magic to be unleashed.
  8. Magical creature sidekicks are always a fun bonus.
  9. Discover that you’ve always been in love with your best friend and put yourself in tragic danger so he will also realize his feelings.
  10. Make sure that you’ve prepared the most dramatic entrance of your entire life at the ball/party you’re set to attend.
  11. Carry a dagger strapped to your thigh.

I’ve always said that I’m the first one to be killed in the Hunger Games. Not by someone, but because I’ve fallen off of the platform before the buzzer and got blown up. I would like to think I could thrive like Katniss, Aelin, or Hermione, but I guess that’s what books are for – escape from reality.

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